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MonOct 14

National I Love You Day – October 14, 2024

National I Love You Day is celebrated on October 14 in the U.S. Unlike Valentine’s Day, it extends beyond just couples. It’s a day to appreciate our families and friends, as well as anyone you hold dear. We’re here today to give you suggestions on how to do that.

History of National I Love You Day

Ironically, this non-romantic occasion started by promoting a romantic film on October 14, 2015. The director of a Filipino romantic drama film posted the hashtag #EverydayILoveYou, causing local thrill. Those in charge of the marketing campaign rode the wave launching the hashtag on Twitter and appealing for widespread support, which eventually inspired another hashtag #NATIONALILOVEYOUDAY.

The new hashtag quickly became a top trend on the Philippines’ Twitter. The film did not achieve stardom in the United States, but the hashtags skyrocketed in popularity due to the name alone. Tweets spread through 62 nations and reached a total of three million people demonstrating the power of three simple words: “I love you.”

National I Love You Day timeline

430 B.C
Love Is A Powerful Force

Empedocles, a Greek philosopher, contends that the four elements of the world — water, air, earth, and fire — are influenced by the energies of love and strife.

Story Of Love

William Shakespeare, an English poet, and playwright, publishes his play “Romeo and Juliet,” about two star-crossed lovers.

An Iconic Love Song

The Beatles record the song ‘All You Need is Love,’ as an ode to the ideals of the Summer of Love.

A Trend On Social Media

The director of a Filipino romantic drama film named, “Everyday I Love You” makes a hashtag to advertise the film, which results in a different hashtag #NATIONALILOVEYOUDAY.

National I Love You Day FAQs

What are other national holidays for love or friendship?

There are many, such as National Family Day on the fourth Monday in September, and National Make a Friend Day on February 11.

What is the significance of National I Love You Day?

Expressing love and gratitude with these three simple words can warm up others’ hearts and bring a bright smile to their faces.

Is National I Love You Day similar to Valentine’s Day?

No, Valentine’s day is called Love Day rather than I Love You Day. Both have different traditions, especially that National I Love You Day goes beyond just couples and romantic love.

National I Love You Day Activities

  1. Convey your love and gratitude

    Muster the courage to convey your feelings to your parents, siblings, friends, or spouse. It can be through a poem, card, gift, simple text, or phone call.

  2. Memories

    Bring back your happy memories with them on social media. It’s also a way to look back at cherished moments later on.

  3. Spend time

    Quality time with your loved ones is crucial. Go on a nice outing or a vacation. If you can’t do anything fancy, just meeting up is enough. It’s sure to brighten your mood and bring you joy.

5 Tips To Finding True Love

  1. Love necessitates that you reveal yourself

    The vulnerability that always seems to accompany love is what makes it so difficult, and often terrible.

  2. A simple prayer can help

    Your quest for true love and unconditional love begins with a simple prayer.

  3. Our self-interest complicates true love

    Unconditional love, the type that fills your existence with purpose and significance, is difficult to discover in another human being because we are all too self-interested and self-motivated.

  4. Finding true love might be challenging

    You may be preoccupied with other matters more important right now.

  5. Only unconditional adoration can be considered true love

    Affection based on a person’s contingent characteristics, on the other hand, is conditional and as a result, is not true love.

Why We Love National I Love You Day

  1. Sincere appreciation

    Simple words of appreciation could easily become a driving force to go through our stressful lives and make our day. Never underestimate the power of words.

  2. Honoring love indiscriminately

    Love does not know discrimination. Millions of families throughout the world have all colors and ethnicities.

  3. Resuming contact

    Life is hard and it’s easy to forget keeping contact with our friends and families in our busy lives. This day is a chance to make amends.

National I Love You Day dates

2024October 14Monday
2025October 14Tuesday
2026October 14Wednesday
2027October 14Thursday
2028October 14Saturday

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