National Dessert Day – October 14, 2019

Mon Oct 14

Celebrated every year Oct. 14, people around the country love to indulge on National Dessert Day! Celebrated by way of bakery, chocolate shop, or grandma’s house, National Dessert Day includes pies, tarts, ice cream, cookies, pastries, cobblers, donuts, and crepes, too.

National Dessert Day Activities

  1. Go ahead, order some dessert at dinner, or lunch, or brun

    While at a restaurant, go ahead and treat yourself to that dessert menu.

  2. Make your own dessert dish

    Pick one of the many dessert recipes online, go to your local grocery store to buy the ingredients, and handle business.

  3. Have a dessert party

    Make or buy your favorite dessert items, invite, and share with your family or friends.

Why We Love National Dessert Day

  1. Endless amounts of flavors

    Not a fan of caramel? Don’t like vanilla? Maybe you’re not that into chocolate? No matter what you like, there’s a special type of dessert out there for you.

  2. It’s happiness in every bite

    When you’re sad, a nicely made crepe or tiramisu will be there to brighten your day. Sugar is scientifically proven to aid you through breakups, heartaches, and other major causes of sadness.

  3. It’s good for all seasons

    During summertime, you can cool off from a delicious ice cream type dessert and in the winter, you can pour on that hot fudge on your crepe to make the ultimate warm and filling dessert.

National Dessert Day dates
2019October 14Monday
2020October 14Wednesday
2021October 14Thursday
2022October 14Friday
2023October 14Saturday