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SunDec 15

National Cupcake Day – December 15, 2024

Swirled with frosting, covered in sprinkles, dipped in ganache, or drizzled with chocolate, cupcakes are a one-of-a-kind dessert that are whimsically versatile for any occasion. They have evolved far and wide from just chocolate and vanilla to fulfill almost all of our dessert dreams and fantasies. Luckily, today is National Cupcake Day, recognized annually on December 15 to commemorate these compact yet delectable sweets. Indulge all you want in your favorite cupcake treats today—you’ll probably want seconds. Actually, make that thirds.

National Cupcake Day timeline

Cupcakes Hit the Scene

Bearing resemblance to English Fairy Cakes, cupcakes were enjoyed throughout the 17th and 18th centuries.

Cupcakes Become Official

The earliest written reference of the cupcake appears in Eliza Leslie's “Seventy-Five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats.”

Hostess Bakes the Most-est

Hostess starts mass-producing its first snack cake-- that's right-- the cleverly named CupCake.

Winston Churchill Weighs in

Winston Churchill is the first person to suggest cupcakes should be frosted.

Open Sprinkles

Sprinkles Cupcakes - the first ever cupcake-only bakery, launches in Beverly Hills.

National Cupcake Day Activities

  1. Invent your own whimsical recipe

    Have a favorite ice cream flavor or another cherished dessert? Come up with a cupcake version of it! These little treats can be the perfect opportunity to explore a creative outlet or take you on a culinary baking adventure. Who knows, you might discover your next go-to recipe!

  2. Host a bake-off fundraiser

    Since cupcakes are such a crowdpleaser, use this opportunity to bake these treasured goodies for a cause you care about. Your friends will be happy to donate to something that's good for the world AND their tastebuds.

  3. Bake your pet a cupcake

    Don't leave out your furry friends in this celebration—there are plenty of pet-friendly cupcake recipes to allow the WHOLE family enjoy the dessert. Your four-legged friends will thank you for a paw-some sweet treat.

Why We Love National Cupcake Day

  1. They're portion control at its finest

    You don't have to debate over how big or how small a slice you want—these little treats have built-in sizing. Despite their compact size, they pack enough flavor to satisfy any sweet tooth in one simple serving.

  2. They're pretty

    Nowadays, cupcakes can come intricately designed, simply and elegantly frosted, or adorned with edible embellishments. It's hard to resist a dessert that's both pretty AND delicious.

  3. There are endless flavors

    It's no longer just vanilla and chocolate—the booming popularity of cupcakes has introduced some gourmet-inspired and sometimes unusual flavor profiles. If you can dream up a flavor, there's probably somewhere out there that has it in cupcake form.

National Cupcake Day dates

2024December 15Sunday
2025December 15Monday
2026December 15Tuesday
2027December 15Wednesday
2028December 15Friday

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