January 25th holidays

January 25th is the twenty-fifth day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day, Idi Amin launched a coup and became Uganda's President, John F. Kennedy delivered the nation's first live television news conference, and the first Emmy Awards were presented at the Hollywood Athletic Club. Famous birthdays include Alicia Keys, Robert Burns, and Virginia Woolf. January 25th also marks National Irish Coffee Day and National Opposite Day.

We have 8 holidays listed for January 25.


Burns Night

Burns Night honors the Scottish poet, who wrote the New Year's Eve anthem "Auld Lang Syne."


National Irish Coffee Day

The perfect occasion to warm yourself up with a tasty, boozy treat.


Opposite Day

Here is a serious question... What is the opposite of Opposite Day?


National Florida Day

Today, we’re celebrating Florida (not the musician, the state). So don’t sleep on these festivities!


National Plan for Vacation Day

Get ready to plan for a new adventure this National Plan for Vacation Day!


Observe the Weather Day

Get ready to learn about what makes Observe the Weather Day such a special day!


Speak Up and Succeed Day

Take a deep breath and raise your voice this Speak Up and Succeed Day.


St. Dwynwen's Day

As the Welsh equivalent to Valentine’s Day, St. Dwynwen’s is all about spreading love!