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Calum Thomas Hood was born on January 25, 1996, and raised in Mount Druitt, New South Wales. He is an Australian singer-songwriter and musician best known as the guitarist for the Australian pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer. Over the years, his band, 5 SOS, has developed outstanding music that has captured millions of hearts. Each of the band’s albums has been a worldwide hit. In addition to recruiting a bassist for his band, Hood has also co-written songs for other musicians. Let us get to know Hood beyond his roles as a singer, guitarist, and composer as we celebrate his birthday with National Today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Calum Thomas Hood


Cal, Cal Pal, Caly

Birth date:

January 25, 1996



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Calum's Social Media:


Calum Thomas Hood was born on January 25, 1996, in Mount Druitt, New South Wales. His father, David, is of Scottish descent and a retired Coca-Cola employee, while his mother, Joy, is of Mori origin and worked in the superannuation business. Hood’s elder sister is Mali-Koa, a singer-songwriter. In third grade, Hood met future bandmate Michael Clifford at Norwest Primary School. Hood went to Norwest Christian College, where he met future bandmate Luke Hemmings in Year Seven after performing a Secondhand Serenade performance at a school talent event.

Through his infancy and early adolescence, Hood was fascinated with sports, notably soccer, in which he saw a promising future and attended a Brazil training camp to pursue the sport as a profession. Moreover, following the formation of the band and its relocation to London in late 2012, he eventually decided to give up football to pursue music. Hood once said that after leaving sports, his parents didn’t likely embrace his choice to pursue a career in music for a month. He stood up for himself and followed through on his decision to stop playing football, which resulted in his dropping out of high school in 2012 after finishing Year 11.

Hood and his bandmates Clifford, Hemmings, and Ashton began uploading song covers on Hemmings’ YouTube channel, which led to the formation of the current 5 Seconds of Summer. After months of uploading a few cover songs online, they began to receive interest from several music labels and publishers, and they signed a publishing contract with Sony/A.T.V. Music Publishing. Hood and his band have recorded four albums, each of which has been a worldwide hit. Their successful albums include “5 Seconds of Summer,” “Sounds Good Feels Good,” “Youngblood,” and “Calm.” Hood has written the majority of the songs for his band, and he has also co-authored songs for other musicians.

Career timeline

His Rise to Fame

With immense love and support from the audience, Sony signs the publishing deal with the band.

5SOS and One Direction Duo

Before even releasing their debut single, they perform on the One Direction Tour, which is loved by many.

Their First Single is Released

They release their first single, 'She Looks So Perfect,' with Hood being the writer of the song.

Five Seconds isn’t Enough

Their self-titled album is released the same year, and it becomes a tremendous smash, earning the band an award from the UK-based rock magazine "Kerrang."

Their Hit Albums and Tours

They launch their second album, "Sounds Good Feels Good," which is a worldwide success and, during the same year, the band schedules its own tour, which is met with resounding success by its fans.

Comeback of 5SOS

Their third album, "Youngblood," garners stellar reviews and peaks at number four on the Australian charts.

"Calm" is Winning Hearts

The album "Calm," with its lyrical and mature progression, is a commercial success and is nominated for an ARIA Award for Best Group.

Why We Love Calum Hood

  1. He’s a great person

    Hood is unquestionably the kindest person, with such a big heart that he never lets negativity get to him. We love this about him.

  2. He never fails to thank his fans

    He offers his love and respect to his fans through social media whenever possible. It’s always nice when celebrities acknowledge their fans.

  3. He’s smart

    Even though Hood is a guy who sits back and doesn't speak much, he never shies away from showing his support for mental health concerns or his own flaws. He isn't scared to express his sensitive side, which is why we adore him!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has interesting tastes

    Hood says that he possesses a soft spot for intelligent girls with brown hair.

  2. Music above anything

    Hood was initially picked to represent Australia in soccer, but he gave it up to pursue his career in music.

  3. Hood loves tattoos

    He has 17 tattoos on his body in total.

  4. He encouraged his band

    He was the one who first encouraged and inspired his band to begin composing music.

  5. He’s an apple lover

    No, we're not referring to the electronic gadget apple; Hood loves the fruit!

Calum Hood FAQs

In what city was Hood born?

He was born in Sydney, Australia.

What is Hood's nationality?

Hood’s nationality is Australian.

Is Hood married?

He has previously been involved with Lucy Kaufman, Nia Lovelis, and Caitlin Davis. He was also said to have dated Samantha Alaimo. But he is now single.

Calum Hood’s birthday dates

2025January 25Saturday
2026January 25Sunday
2027January 25Monday
2028January 25Tuesday
2029January 25Thursday

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