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SatJan 25

Tatiana Day – January 25, 2025

Tatiana Day is a holiday that celebrates the hearthplace of creativity and the thirst for knowledge on January 25 each year. Tatiana Day also marks the end of the first semester of the academic year for Ukrainian students, therefore the holiday serves as a celebration of the final exams. Enjoy this day by reliving the happiest, brightest, and most carefree years you’ve spent with us!

History of Tatiana Day

Ukrainians value this special day. Students from all over the country gather to remember the best days of their lives. Different amusement activities are carried out and various types of food and drinks are enjoyed by students together. Talking about history, this day originated in Russia. Tatiana Day was established in Ukraine a few years back, in 1755.

Ivan Shuvalov’s mistress, Empress Elizabeth of Russia, supported Shuvalov’s demand to establish a college in Moscow on that day. Shuvalov didn’t choose January 25 as a result of a mishap. For a few years, January 25 was known as Tatiana Day, a Russian non-secular holiday.

The day commemorated the heroic actions of Tatiana, a Christian martyr from second-century Rome. Shuvalov chose this day because it was his mother Tatiana Rodionova’s call day. As a result, he decided to honor his mother on this holy Russian day. It wasn’t long before Moscow University was created, establishing a link between students and education for the day.

Since then, the day has been focused on new rookies and the lecturers who work so hard to provide training for them. Many people now refer to January 25th as “Student Day.” The Church of Tatyana the Martyr, however, was built on the Campus grounds in 1791. As a result, the genuine non-secular relationship to Student Day has never been lost, and most people continue to refer to January 25 as “Tatiana Day.”

Tatiana Day timeline

The Name for the Day

January 25 is declared ‘Tatiana Day.’

Moscow University

The Church of Saint Tatiana is built at the Moscow University, and the Russian Orthodox Church declares Saint Tatiana the patron saint of students.

Chekhov Statement

Chekhov writes about Tatiana Day, "This year everything was drunk, except the water from the Moscow river, and only because it was frozen.”

Return Of Tatiana Day

Tatiana’s day vanishes around 1917 but reemerges at the beginning of the 1960s.

Tatiana Day FAQs

Was Tatiana a Catholic saint?

Saint Tatiana was a Christian martyr in third-century Rome during the reign of Emperor Severus Alexander.

What is Tatiana Day?

Tatiana Day is a public holiday observed by Eastern Orthodox Church. The basis of the first-ever University in Russia was built in 1755 on this day.

What does the name Tatiana mean?

Tatiana is a diminutive version of Tatiana, which means ‘fairy queen.’ It’s a female version of the Latin name Tatitnus. In William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Titania is the Queen of the Fairies.

How to Observe Tatiana Day

  1. Start with the traditional service of the church

    Speeches and awards of prizes are held afterward. It is an honor for every student to attend the entire ceremony.

  2. Attend the parties and public events

    Many students throw parties or attend public events. Other than the origin, the celebrations have spread to most university towns. The activities that take place at the celebrations are enjoyable.

  3. Remembering the foundation of Tatiana Day

    On this day the foundation of the first-ever Russian University was built. By remembering this, one can be grateful to God for providing the facilities of education and chances of improving knowledge.

5 Facts About Tatiana Day That You Should Know

  1. Also known as ‘Students Day’

    Tatiana Day is also referred to as ‘Students Day’ in many parts of Ukraine.

  2. End of the academic year

    Tatiana Day is the day on which the academic year is completed.

  3. Activities on the Day

    Activities that become a source of enjoyment happen on this day.

  4. Discounts on the Day

    Discounts of up to 50% are given at the festival.

  5. Celebration on St. Petersburg

    January 27 becomes the night of Tatiana, and a festival will be held at the Aurora Concert Hall.

Why Tatiana Day is Important

  1. Source of relaxation

    As the exams come to an end on this day, students feel relaxed and happy. They enjoy the celebrations without any workload on them.

  2. Parties and social events

    On this day, students organize parties and events having fun activities. The former students also get a chance to meet their old friends and spend quality time with them.

  3. Gratefulness

    This day was the foundation of the first-ever university in Russia which lead the students to the river of knowledge. So, students love this day as they live in a country where they can keep on increasing their knowledge.

Tatiana Day dates

2025January 25Saturday
2026January 25Sunday
2027January 25Monday
2028January 25Tuesday
2029January 25Thursday

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