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SunJan 26

National Bible Sunday – January 26, 2025

National Bible Sunday is an annual event held every fourth Sunday in January. This year it is celebrated on January 26. Did you know that the Bible is the most widely read book on the earth, with millions of copies printed each year?

History of National Bible Sunday

The Bible is a holy text synonymous with the Christian religion. With roots in the Torah, the holy books of the Hebrews, the Bible is a compendium of ancient history, rules, regulations, and divine ordinances that shape, enlighten, and govern the Christian religion and beliefs. It tells the story of the existence of the earth and the universe as we know it, the creation of man and all that is, the duty of man on earth to dominate, the interpersonal relationship between man and man, then man and his environment, and generally all that man needs to do to live a better and purposeful life.

The history of National Bible Sunday can be traced to the publication of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer in 1549. The book in its entirety contained study verses and prayers for each Sunday, and the idea was conceived towards making people more committed to bible study and fellowship with God. The prayers and bible text pegged for the Second Sunday in Advent with the anchor scripture of Romans 15:4, which says in the first line, “For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us…” and then the subsequent prayer thanking God for the existence of the holy scriptures to teach, guide, and directly became institutionalized.

Bible Sunday spread from the parishes of the Anglican Church to several other denominations and societies throughout the year, and it is celebrated on different dates, and sometimes other days other than on Sundays.

National Bible Sunday timeline

1400 B.C.
The Old Testament

Around this time, the first part of the bible is written as the Jewish sacred text, Torah.

32 A.D.
The First Church

The disciples of Jesus and his followers gather to worship in their houses and sometimes in public places to preach, study, and pray after the death of Jesus.

45 A.D.
The New Testament

The second part of the bible is written by some of the disciples of Jesus amidst the persecution of the time.

Bible Sunday

The publishing of the “Anglican Book of Common Prayer” put in motion the celebration and observance of Bible Sunday.

National Bible Sunday FAQs

Are National Bible Sunday and National Bible week similar?

No, they fall on different dates and are celebrated differently based on location and denomination.

Where is National Bible Sunday celebrated?

It is celebrated in all Anglican churches worldwide, other Christian denominations, societies, and groups.

Is the day a National Holiday?

No, it isn’t, but since it falls on a Sunday, it is a free day.

National Bible Sunday Activities

  1. Attend a Service

    Work, family, and other obligations might have been preventing you from going to church on Sundays, but this day is another opportunity to go to church. Put on your best attire and attend church alongside family, friends, and other worshippers.

  2. Thank God for the gift of the scripture

    National Bible Sunday evolved as a day of thanksgiving to God for the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. As a Christian, take a minute to thank God for the existence of his word in the form of the bible to teach, nourish and guide humanity.

  3. Study your Bible

    Pick up your bible, dust it off, and read! You can study with family and friends, or you can study alone in a quiet place.

5 Fun Facts About The Bible That Will Amaze You

  1. Multiple authors

    The Bible was written by 40 authors across different timelines.

  2. The highest sold book

    Over 100 million bibles are sold every year.

  3. The first man

    Adam’s name is coined from the Hebrew word ‘a da ma,’ which means ‘the ground.’

  4. Link to other religions

    The Bible links three of the major world religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

  5. Sinner’s Bible

    While publishing several copies of the Bible, a publishing company once published copies with the typo ‘Thou shalt commit adultery,’ naming those bibles the Sinner’s Bible.

Why We Love National Bible Sunday

  1. It’s a time of worship

    National Bible Sunday is another time to worship together in the church and other worship centers. Like every other Sunday, it is an opportunity to pray, sing, and study the word with other believers.

  2. It’s a time of Thanksgiving

    National Bible Sunday evolved as a day to give thanks to God for the gift of his words in the form of the Holy Scriptures. This makes the day unique and dear to our hearts.

  3. It’s a reminder to study and be mindful

    This day serves as a reminder to Christians of the importance of bible study and prayer. Bible study and prayer, as much as it is a spiritual exercise, is also therapeutic in the sense that it provides reassurance.

National Bible Sunday dates

2022January 23Sunday
2023January 22Sunday
2024January 28Sunday
2025January 26Sunday
2026January 25Sunday

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