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January26–February 2

National Meat Week – January 26-February 2, 2025

This year, National Meat Week begins on January 26 and runs until February 2 and we are ready to grill, roast, smoke, and feast on flavorful meat. The holiday begins on the last Sunday in January or at times just the last week of the month. Either way, we get eight consecutive nights of smoked ribs, pork, chicken, brisket, and any other meat that can be cooked and smothered in sauce.

History of National Meat Week

National Meat Week is for feasting on meat, that’s simple enough. However, it’s not just any feasting, it is synchronized feasting! You read that right. Meat Week is a serious business of indulging in juicy and flavorful meat, and to do that, a Captain is assigned to each city that is participating. The Captain prepares a list of all the restaurants that will be visited throughout the week. There is no prerequisite for selecting a restaurant, but the focus is on good ol’ American barbecue. Seven restaurants are chosen — one for each day.

Individuals and groups who join will eat together, enjoy great food, and take photos. At times awards are also given in some cities to the top restaurants. Usually, on the last night of Meat Week, everyone gathers at someone’s house and ends the festivities there with a BYO BBQ-style cookout. When the last day of Meat Week falls on Superbowl Sunday, the festivities are amplified.

Around 15-20 cities take part in the week-long festival, each with its own ‘chapter.’
Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Tallahassee, New York, and Baltimore are now the longest-running chapters. In 2005, Chris Cantey and Erni Walker created this delectable holiday. The event began in Tallahassee, Florida, but quickly spread to other towns.

Participating chefs and the restaurants they work at are challenged to cook their best on these nights. The grill is fired up and meat is seared, smoked, and cooked to perfection. The side dishes also need to be just right; baked beans, fries, and coleslaw to name a few.

National Meat Week timeline

800,000 Years Ago
Man Discovers Smoke

Scientists surmise this was the earliest date of man discovering how to smoke meat.

The First Meat Packer

William Pynchon becomes the country’s first meatpacker, shipping packed pork to the West Indies.

Meat Week Begins

Chris Cantey and Erni Walker begin Meat Week in Tallahassee, Florida.

Another Celebration

Another Meat Week celebration begins within the virtual game “Fallout 76.”

National Meat Week FAQs

What is National Meat Week?

Meat Week is a week-long celebration of indulging in the best meat that restaurants have to offer.

Where is Grahm during Meat Week?

Grahm’s Meat-Cook: Will begin every hour on the hour, just south of Vault 76 in The Forest

What is meat week Fallout 76?

Meat Week is a holiday in the online video game “Fallout 76.” It begins sometime in August and the celebration has two parts: “Grahm’s Meat Cook” and “Primal Cuts.”

National Meat Week Activities

  1. List your restaurant

    If you own a restaurant that specializes in steaks and other types of cooked meat, get it registered for the next Meat Week. Why not surprise yourself - perhaps yours could be the next best dish?

  2. Sign up to become Captain

    If you have what it takes to lead a hungry army of people to the best restaurants in your area, sign up to become a captain on the official Meat Week website. There’s nothing better than getting recognized for having good taste!

  3. Have a cookout at home

    If your area does not celebrate Meat Week, take celebrations outdoors and have a cookout for your friends and family. It’s a great way to bond and also celebrate this scrumptious week together.

5 Myth-Busting Facts About Meat

  1. Meat is the best protein

    Meat is a high-quality protein that nourishes our bodies with the complete amino acids needed for maintaining health.

  2. More protein content than dairy

    At 25 grams per three ounces, meat has more protein content per serving than dairy.

  3. Meat is great for weight watchers

    Eating meat makes us stay fuller for longer, meaning that our food cravings and hunger pangs will be at bay for longer periods.

  4. Meat diets get a bad reputation

    Research has proven that consuming animal protein is more beneficial for aiding weight loss than plant-based protein.

  5. A great source of Vitamin B12

    Meat is the ultimate natural source of Vitamin B12.

Why We Love National Meat Week

  1. We love meat

    Need we say more? What’s not to love about meat? Juicy, flavorful, rubbed with the right spices and seared to perfection, the possibilities are endless.

  2. Meat Week is fun

    Holidays serve to break the routine and the humdrum of daily lives. Meat Week is a fun interactive activity that brings people together for the love of meat.

  3. Trying out new things

    Meat Week is a great opportunity to find new restaurants in your area, or try meat dishes that you may have never tried before. Not only that but it’s a celebration that brings people together!

National Meat Week dates

2022January 30Sunday
2023January 29Sunday
2024January 28Sunday
2025January 26Sunday
2026January 25Sunday

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