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Locate An Old Friend Day
WedSep 18

Locate An Old Friend Day – September 18, 2024

Ever wondered what your dear friend from school might be up to nowadays? Locate An Old Friend Day, which is celebrated on September 18, is the perfect opportunity to track down your old friends to have a rewind session over some coffee. As we go through life and enter different phases related to our professional careers and family duties, a lot gets left behind in the process. One such thing is contact with those friends that we have made memories with, be it from school, university, a previous workplace, or a neighborhood. Locate An Old Friend Day encourages people to recreate a social connection with an old friend or loved one. Meeting and talking to an old friend can be a way of getting rid of loneliness that may be induced through a lack of contact with people.

History of Locate An Old Friend Day

Locate An Old Friend Day is commemorated on the third Saturday of September every year. Research on the day shows that the creator is unknown, but that isn’t going to stop us from making the most of this day. Friendship is a fundamental relationship based on two or more people’s likeness of each other’s company. Usually, friendship is forged between two strangers who met in a public setting like educational institutes, parks/offices, and supermarkets/malls. However, friendship can also be a foundation of familial relationships like husband-wife, parent-child, siblings, pets, and so on. Friendship helps us maintain our social lives by allowing us to interact with other human beings. It also opens up new horizons and experiences in areas of life we may have never thought of. But, most importantly, friendship allows us to feel a sense of kinship with another being, ensuring that we are not alone in this vast universe.

It does not matter if you haven’t been in contact with a friend for years now. Getting in touch with them to catch up on life might be a little awkward at first, but once you get past the awkward atmosphere, the flow of the conversation/meeting becomes much easier. For this day, technology is your best friend. Putting in the right keywords to research your friend will help you locate them in no time. You can try searching social spheres as well as professional ones. First, you can do a simple Google search of their name to see the results that may come up. If nothing matches the results you had in mind, keep on trying using any hobbies or interests you may know about them. Social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram are also great starts. You can get in touch with your mutual friends to see if any of them are still in contact with the old friend you are looking for.

Locate An Old Friend Day timeline

Emotional Support for Old Age

Friendship in old age provides one with a level of emotional support that may or may not be possible through other types of relationships.

First Step Towards Socialization

Children realize the importance of socialization and form friendships from a young age.

Social Media Boom

Social media websites, allowing people to connect no matter where they are, go through a massive technological and popularity boom throughout the world.

Friendship for Social Identity

A case study on 35 skateboarders shows that friendship established between people with similar interests allows for the formation of social identity.

Locate An Old Friend Day FAQs

How can I track down an old friend?

You can start by googling your friend. You can also put in their names on social media and alumni websites. 

Is it a good idea to contact an old friend?

Depending on your situation, you can decide whether you and your friend parted on good terms the last time you met. Before contacting your old friend, you can also decide what type of communication you would like to keep: 1) A light conversation via online chat or a call, or 2) A meeting somewhere.

What do you say when meeting an old friend?

Firstly, stop overthinking and fretting about it because if you do so, you are going to make it only more awkward for yourself and the other person. Instead, go in with a cool mind and start the conversation by asking them about things like their day, family, and studies/job. After the meeting is over, you can end it by saying how glad you are about meeting them again and that you would like to keep in touch. 

Locate An Old Friend Day Activities

  1. Locate an old friend

    Pull out Google on your advice and get started with your search. If you want to go through the old school way of locating a friend by using a yellow phone book or visiting their old residential place, you can try that too, but chances are that you will probably come up empty-handed. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what option you choose as long as you manage to locate your old friend.

  2. Give an old friend a surprise

    Now that you have successfully managed to locate your friend, it’s time to go meet or call them. You can plan ahead and ensure that your friend isn’t going through a particularly busy or stressful time, and if that does turn out to be the case, you can always postpone the meeting or simply call them.

  3. Take out the old memorabilia

    Oh, those were the days! It’s time to get nostalgic by taking out that photo album or the scrapbook you made as a memento. These things will give you a free ride into the past where you will be able to reminisce and live through the memories again.

5 Facts About Friendship That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Animal friendships with other species

    You may have seen it in real life or documentaries, animals can form strong friendships with other species, and their bond can include looking out for each other.

  2. Strong marriages formed with friendships

    Studies have shown that couples who are good friends tend to last longer than couples who aren’t.

  3. Friendship for health

    If you do not have a good social circle, you will likely be more prone to mental illnesses like depression.

  4. Offering interests to spend time together

    40% of people lend books or games to those they are interested in becoming friends with.

  5. Friends make for strength

    Research has shown that a given task will be considered less dangerous when done with friends as opposed to doing it alone.

Why We Love Locate An Old Friend Day

  1. It’s a celebration of old friends

    Our old friends have been a part of some of our most important events. They may have seen the good, the bad, and everything in between, and it is this aspect that makes them greater to have back in life. Reuniting with old friends is a way of celebrating what you have overcome in the past and will hopefully achieve in the future.

  2. It’s a celebration of nostalgia

    Who doesn’t like a good ol’ dose of nostalgia? Taking a trip down memory lane not only allows you to feel the rush of those moments once again, but it is also a great way of understanding your past self better.

  3. It’s a celebration of friendships

    Babies as young as nine months old realize the importance of forming friendships. By forming friendships, they will be able to better socialize and interact with others, learning about life together. This “learning-together” aspect is true for all types of friendships at all ages.

Locate An Old Friend Day dates

2024September 18Wednesday
2025September 18Thursday
2026September 18Friday
2027September 18Saturday
2028September 18Monday

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