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MonSep 18

National Day of Civic Hacking – September 18, 2023

National Day of Civic Hacking happens on September 18 this year. It’s a nationwide day of action created by the Code for America Brigades, the U.S. Small Business Administration, and Secondmuse in collaboration with various federal agencies. Thousands of people across the country on this day use their skills for good, and volunteer to carry out a number of challenges that leverage creativity, technology, design, and innovation to strengthen communities. Use this day to join developers, designers, government employees, data scientists, journalists, and your fellow citizens at a special event in your city.

National Day of Civic Hacking Activities

  1. Attend a civic hacking event

    Browse online for the many scheduled events in your area. Thousands of people are joining today, and hundreds of events have been planned so far. Make sure to buy tickets if necessary – to ensure your spot in the biggest hackathon on the planet!

  2. Learn how to code

    Read a book, join a workshop, and engage with like-minded coders to brush up on skills necessary for you to thrive and give your best on National Civic Day of Hacking

  3. Use #Hackforchange on social media

    Find what people are doing on this day, in real-time by using the #Hackforchange on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, while at your civic hacking event, please share photos and videos to encourage and inspire others to do the same and partake in the national holiday.

Why Knowing About Civic Hacking is Important

  1. It is a day to #hackforchange

    When citizens and government work together on National Day of Civic Hacking, communities directly benefit. These benefits include things like technological advances in their food options, environmental quality and criminal justice system.

  2. Collaboration

    In a world plagued with problems, the problem-solvers rise to the occasion. Every year, teams will work together to think creatively and use open data to tackle challenges the country faces. On June 4, more than 100 events take place simultaneously across the United States, each with a unique mission. With everyone working together, the possibilities are limitless!

  3. It is data-driven

    Engaging the public in using data to solve problems is a novel idea. Civic technologists can draw on data from federal, state, and local sources to co-create solutions geared toward expanding opportunity for all. National Day of Civic Hacking is a perfect day for local citizens to develop innovative ways to improve the discoverability, accessibility and usability of data.

National Day of Civic Hacking dates

2023September 18Monday
2024September 18Wednesday
2025September 18Thursday
2026September 18Friday
2027September 18Saturday

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