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Rice Krispies Treats Day
WedSep 18

Rice Krispie Treat Day – September 18, 2024

Rice Krispie Treat Day on September 18 is an unofficial holiday dedicated to the no-bake, quick to make yummy gooey sweet treats. Since the treat is so easy to make, it has become a staple favorite of millions of households in the U.S. that consume the treat on a daily basis. The treat gained so much popularity over the years that it was launched officially by brands across the world and sold at supermarkets. To celebrate the day, munch on some Rice Krispies and share your love for the delicious confectionery.

History of Rice Krispie Treat Day

Rice Krispie Treat were first introduced in a dessert book that was written by Lucy Maltby in 1938. According to the recipe in the book, the treat was originally made from cereal, butter, sugar, molasses, and vinegar. In 1916, a similar recipe called Puffed Rice Brittle was introduced in another cookbook. The recipe then saw several amendments and additions over the years. For instance, the Campfire Girls troop leader Mildred Day and her scouts sold hundreds of Rice Krispies Treats during the summer of 1939. The credit for the sudden popularity of the treats lies in the fact that the scouts added a sweet flavor to the original concoction, and added campfire Girls Marshmallows to the mix. Later on, this very recipe was picked up by Kellogg’s since the sweet delight was loved by kids and adults alike.

In 1941, the company added Day’s recipe to the back of the Rice Krispies cereal box. The treat was also trademarked and became a nationwide hit due to its simple yet scrumptious flavor. A few years and lots of advertisements later, the treats became a common household name and were consumed by children of all ages daily, as well as on special occasions — that’s how much they adored the flavor. In fact, Malitta Jensen and Mildred Day, who were Kellogg’s employees, also introduced a promotional vehicle for the cereal in 1939. Holiday-themed Rice Krispie Treat versions were also created by people. These were created using food coloring based on the theme of the holiday.

Rice Krispie Treat Day timeline

New Developments

Rice Krispies Treats are invented by Malitta Jensen and Mildred Day at the Kellogg Company.

Marking It

Kellogg’s trademarks the name “Rice Krispies Treats.”


Rice Krispies introduces a jingle sung by the Rolling Stones.

Cereal Killer

Kellogg's offers a breakfast cereal based on the confection.

Rice Krispie Treat Day FAQs

Is there a National Rice Krispie Treat Day?

Yes. National Rice Krispies Treats Day is celebrated annually on September 18. 

Are Rice Krispies Treats healthy?

The treats aren’t fattening until mixed with specific ingredients, but they aren’t completely healthy either.

Is Rice Krispies high in carbs?

Unfortunately, Rice Krispies includes four grams of sugar and 36 grams of carbs. 

How to Celebrate Rice Krispie Treat Day

  1. Share a recipe on social media

    To celebrate the day, do some research and share an interesting homemade recipe of Rice Krispies that can easily be made on the day.

  2. Make Rice Krispies Treats

    Cook some treats of your own and share them with your neighbors, friends, and family. Make sure your version is healthy!

  3. Eat ready-made Krispy treats

    Don’t have time to cook? Simply head to the store and buy yummy ready-made Krispy treats for yourself and those around you.

5 Fun Facts About Rice Krispies

  1. The original name of Rice Krispies

    They were called "Puffed Wheat Squares.”

  2. Making art out of Rice Krispies

    Jessica Siskin wrote a book that showcases Rice Krispies in an art form.

  3. Top-selling cereal

    Rice Krispies are a top-selling breakfast cereal.

  4. For those who just wake up

    Rice Krispies were called "The Talking Cereal,” since they were marketed to Americans who needed to consume them as breakfast.

  5. A large Rice Krispies Treat

    Students at the University of Wisconsin in 2015, created a Rice Krispies Treat that weighed 11,327 pounds.

Why Rice Krispie Treat Day is Important

  1. It gives a history on the treat

    The day provides a history of how the Rice Krispies Treats were formed and how the recipe evolved with time.

  2. It shares interesting facts

    The day shares interesting facts on how the treat gained popularity and the efforts that were placed into advertising it.

  3. It's a fun day for kids

    This day is fun for kids since they get to munch on their favorite treat all day long without fear of having an adult interfere.

Rice Krispie Treat Day dates

2024September 18Wednesday
2025September 18Thursday
2026September 18Friday
2027September 18Saturday
2028September 18Monday

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