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World Water Monitoring Day
WedSep 18

World Water Monitoring Day – September 18, 2024

Every year, around 150 countries come together to honor World Water Monitoring Day on September 18. Water, as we’ve been learning since a young age, is an extremely important source for keeping all living beings alive and well. You can go without food for a long period of time (about three weeks), but your body will most likely start showing signs of shutting down if you haven’t had enough water intake even for a short period (about three to four days). The human body is, after all, made of 60% to 70% of water. Water is so important that much of the space exploration budget is solely dedicated to finding water sources on other planets. A huge chunk of the earth’s ecosystem is also made of water, with countless organisms dependent on it. Yet, things like water pollution and climate change are threatening our water sources, which is why it has become more important now than ever to regularly monitor the water bodies around us.

History of World Water Monitoring Day

The World Water Monitoring Day was first brought into existence in 2003 by America’s Clean Water Foundation (ACWF). The organization aimed to raise awareness among civilians about the importance of regularly monitoring their water sources. The global outreach program’s date was October 18 initially. October 18 was considered ideal as it would pay homage to Congress’ passing of the U.S. Clean Water Act of 1972. However, ACWF soon realized that some countries would not be able to participate in the World Water Monitoring Day as the water bodies in said countries would freeze during October. Thus, to maximize the number of participants and participating countries, the official date was moved back by a month. Every year, around one million or more people take part in the initiative. Using water testing kits, they test the water for dissolved oxygen, acidity, temperature, and clarity.

Over the years, the sponsors for World Water Monitoring Day have changed consistently. The current organizers belong to EarthEcho International. It is a nonprofit environmental organization, which was founded to honor Philippe Cousteau, a famous oceanographer. The late Cousteau family created the Philippe Cousteau Foundation, but after disputes over the name with the Cousteau Society, the name was changed to EarthEcho International. EarthEcho is involved in many activities including World Water Monitoring Day. Once the day came under their organization, the name was changed to EarthEcho Water Challenge. But no matter the name, the goal of the day remains the same: To educate the masses about water sources and the subsequent safety inspections that should be carried out regularly.

World Water Monitoring Day timeline

Clean Water Act Passed

The U.S. Congress passes the Clean Water Act in order to prevent water pollution.

First World Water Monitoring Day

America’s Clean Water Foundation creates and celebrates the first World Water Monitoring Day.

2006 — 2015
Sponsorship Changes

ACWF passes the sponsorship of the day to the International Water Association and Water Environment Federation before the sponsorship lands in the hands of the current organization, EarthEcho International.

21st Century
Water Shortage Due to Capitalism and Pollution

Many countries all over the world are facing severe water shortages due to pollution and capitalist greed.

World Water Monitoring Day FAQs

What are the goals for World Water Monitoring Day?

The day’s goals consist of getting the international outreach program to as many people as possible. The World Water Monitoring Day aims to educate the masses about protecting their water sources by regularly testing them. 

What is water monitoring?

Water monitoring is regular testing and analyzing water sources by looking at factors related to data processing and trends. These points would then lead to any necessary interventions in case any irregular and/or dangerous patterns/anomalies are discovered. 

What are the six main indicators of water quality?

The six main indicators of water quality are temperature, dissolved oxygen, clarity, acidity, nutrients, and salinity. Apart from the aforementioned factors, water quality tests also include looking for toxic chemicals and elements like herbicides, insecticides, and metals. 

How to Observe World Water Monitoring Day

  1. Inspect your water source

    Do some research and find out where the water you use is coming from. It could be a river, stream, or well. Once you locate the source, get a water testing kit and start testing the water for all the important factors related to acidity, temperature, clarity, and oxygen. If a company is responsible for supplying you with water, then get in touch with them to know more about their water testing inspections.

  2. Get people involved

    The more people you can reach for this cause, the better it is. One of the main goals of the day is to raise awareness amongst the masses. Host an event or get talking to the people in your social groups. Educate the children about the importance of the day and its activity, so that they carry the message with them.

  3. Maintain water monitoring inspections

    It’s good if you plan to do a water test on your water source, but do you know what would be better? Continuing this inspection process for the rest of the year whenever possible. Doing regular water tests will help you identify any potential issues much sooner, and of course, for the better.

5 Facts About Water That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. The water amount stays the same

    Because of its cyclical nature, the amount of water that has ever been present on earth has remained the same since the beginning of time.

  2. Water is a sign of life

    If scientists wish to search for life in dark unexplored corners of the earth or space, they will look for water as all the species known to humankind are dependent on water in one way or another.

  3. 1% drinkable water on Earth

    97% of the water on Earth is not drinkable, with 2% being trapped in glaciers, and only 1% being actively available for human consumption.

  4. Water is good for temperature regulation

    Your body’s temperature as well as the earth’s temperature is regulated by water.

  5. Water defies gravity

    Unlike many other liquids, water can defy gravity, and a prime example of this is how water travels up a plant’s roots and through its inner vessels.

Why We Love World Water Monitoring Day

  1. It’s a reminder of water testing

    The World Water Monitoring Day initiative is a reminder to live a safe and healthy life while consuming one of the most important sources for survival. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Through regular water testing, we are more likely to detect and identify an issue much sooner. This also directly translates into coming up with a solution before it becomes too late.

  2. It’s a reminder of water sources

    Water has been on our planet since time immemorial, showing us how essential it is for us to take care of it for ourselves and our future generations. Water pollution is not a joke or a scam. Due to the source’s interconnected nature with many of earth’s elements including the air and soil, we must also be aware of air and soil pollution since whatever we put into said elements will impact water too.

  3. It’s a reminder and celebration of life

    Water is life. There couldn’t be a better way to explain the magnitude of the World Water Monitoring Day. Humans are dependent on said source for not just drinking, but irrigation, agriculture, electricity, and industrial usage.

World Water Monitoring Day dates

2024September 18Wednesday
2025September 18Thursday
2026September 18Friday
2027September 18Saturday
2028September 18Monday

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