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National SKAM Artist Day – August 24, 2024

National SKAM Artist Day is celebrated annually on August 24. Although this holiday can easily be confused with the term ‘scam artist,’ we assure you it has a completely different storyline in an entirely different genre too. This holiday was created to celebrate the life and birthday of the founder of SKAM Artist Incorporated, Sujit Kundu. Sujit is a professional promoter, talent manager, and all-around businessman with over a decade worth of experience in the entertainment industry. He founded the company SKAM Artist — a D.J. management company that now has a long roster of over 80 chart-topping DJs and hosts like Lil Jon, Swizz Beatz, Nick Cannon, and Amber Rose.

History of National SKAM Artist Day

Welcome to one of the most anticipated holidays in the entertainment industry, National SKAM Artist Day! At first glance, it’s easy to misinterpret this day as the generic term ‘scam artist.’ However, you can take a breath knowing that this holiday has nothing to do with cons.

The man who this holiday is all about, Sujit Kundu, is an event promoter and talent manager with ample experience in the entertainment industry — particularly when it comes to D.Js and hosts. Although Sujit has built an admirable career in this fun, socialite-based community, this was not always the path he had in mind.

It all started in the 1990s with rave parties, partying, and abet. Sujit was in high school at the time, having crossed the adolescent threshold at the age of 16. His friends and classmates had been holding a string of uninteresting and unsuccessful parties, leaving a void in the market. Sujit believed he could do better and even gambled on it. He kept his pledge by promoting an event at the local club, which was well attended. Later that summer, he got a job at the same club, and before graduation, his raves drew up to 4,000 people.

Sujit concluded he had a knack for event promotion which catapulted him into a full-time career as a promoter even though he studied Economics and Accounting at the University of California. While working for big-time names like Universal Records and Epic Records, he started a D.J./talent management company and named it SKAM Artist — a fun acronym for Sujit Kundu Artist Management. Over a decade later, the company is raking in millions from the D.Js and hosts on their rosters through events, residencies, and appearances. This holiday was created in his honor and is celebrated annually on his birthday.

National SKAM Artist Day timeline

The Origin Story

Sujit Kundu is born on August 24 in Quincy, Massachusetts.

The Start of Forever

Sujit lives out his adolescence by starting as a promoter with several successful events.

The Start of a Legacy

Sujit establishes Sujit Kundu Artist Management (SKAM) Artist.

The Most Anticipated Event

National SKAM Artist Day is founded by SKAM artists.

National SKAM Artist Day FAQs

Who was the first to be signed under SKAM Artist?

The first D.Js to ever approach Sujit Kundu for a management deal were D.J Vice and D.J. A.M. A.M. was the first of the two to get paid in the open-format world, opening the doors for Vice and other D.Js whom the pair introduced to Sujit.

Do talents under SKAM Artist travel for work?

At the time when Sujit decided to start the company, it was rare to have DJs travel across the world just to play their sets. However, SKAM Artist broke the bias. Sujit used his connections in other cities to move his artists’ and talents around. They went from Vegas to Miami to New York to all over the world.

Are both Amer Rose and Blac Chyna signed to SKAM Artist?

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are both under the management of SKAM Artist, signed as performers and hosts.

National SKAM Artist Day Activities

  1. Listen to a SKAM Artist

    SKAM Artist Incorporated as a company has several award-winning and chart-topping D.Js under their belts. With the likes of Lil Jon, Swizz Beatz, and DJ Crooked, the options are truly endless when it comes to celebrating this day. Visit their site to discover all the talented artists under their management. We are sure you will find some familiar names, and if not you can make a random selection and jam up to their tunes all day long.

  2. Attend a SKAM event

    The SKAM Artist team organizes several events on this day and throughout the entire year. Stay up to date with their upcoming events, shows, and appearances through their social media or website, and make a plan to attend one. Make sure you go with friends and family to take full advantage of all the fun.

  3. Send a birthday shoutout

    As we have established, this holiday was set aside to mark and celebrate Sujit Kundu’s birthday. Send your birthday shoutout through your social media platforms in the spirit of the birthday festivities. You can include some of Sujit’s amazing achievements, or keep it simple, short, and sweet by simply saying ‘happy birthday.’

5 Facts About Sujit Kundu Artist Management (SKAM)

  1. It wasn’t always just SKAM

    Sujit was part owner of a production and D.J. management company alongside then music director of LA’s Power 106 before it was disbanded, leaving him with the D.J. management arm.

  2. 24 is not just a number

    This holiday is not only celebrated on August 24, it is celebrated 24 hours long with sets from 24 notable D.Js.

  3. It’s not genre-specific

    Although SKAM Artist has made significant headway in club music, their talents offer a wide variety of genres from E.D.M. to Crossover.

  4. Vegas is a hit

    Several D.Js in the company have and make the big paychecks from their Vegas residencies.

  5. Management wasn’t always the plan

    Sujit was majorly into promotion until he was approached for management by DJs which led to the introduction and signing of other DJs with the agreement of the entire group.

Why We Love National SKAM Artist Day

  1. It’s all about entertainment

    This day is not only about celebrating one of the biggest pioneers in entertainment, it celebrates the industry as a whole. The holiday allows us to live and let live, placing entertainment in the driver’s seat as we enjoy all its perks.

  2. It’s a great excuse to throw a solo party

    Have you been looking for an excuse to have a solitary party? The good news is that National SKAM Artist Day provides an excellent excuse. This holiday allows us to tune out the noise and stress of our daily lives, blast loud music, and party with ourselves all day.

  3. It’s an even greater excuse to attend a party

    If you’re not a fan of solo parties that’s okay, because National SKAM Artist Day is also the perfect opportunity to attend any party. Although SKAM Artist events are prioritized on this day, the festivities are not just restricted to those offered by the company. Go out, enjoy, and live a little at any party of your choice.

National SKAM Artist Day dates

2024August 24Saturday
2025August 24Sunday
2026August 24Monday
2027August 24Tuesday
2028August 24Thursday

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