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Liberia Flag Day – August 24, 2024

On Liberia Flag Day, celebrated annually on August 24, we mark the adoption of the Liberian flag. Liberians around the world celebrate this day since it marks the 150th anniversary of the adoption of their flag. This was a watershed moment in Liberia’s history, coming just months after the country declared independence from the United States. Although the Liberian flag is based on the American flag, it has its own meaning and symbolism. Every year, the occasion is held to honor people’s unwavering devotion to their country’s flag.

History of Liberia Flag Day

To you, it’s just another flag, and maybe not the most distinct one at that, but to the people of Liberia and the world at large, this flag holds so much more power. We are sure that by the end of this article, you would feel the same way too. For you to understand the symbolic and cultural significance of the Liberian flag, you must first understand the history of the country itself.

Liberia began as a project of the American Colonization Society (A.C.S.) in the 19th century. The A.C.S. believed that previously enslaved black people living in the United States will experience better living conditions, prosperity, and freedom in Africa. So between 1822 and the Civil War of 1861, thousands of freed and free-born black slaves from America and the Caribbean relocated to start a new life and nation, which we now know as The Republic of Liberia.

Within that time Liberia declared its independence, although it was not recognized by the US until after the American Civil War in 1862. This made Liberia the first independent nation in Africa, as well as the first oldest modern republic. As most tales of independence are written, shortly after came a new symbol of power and hope — the Liberian flag.

The Liberian Flag was approved on August 24, 1847, exactly one month after the country declared independence. It was unveiled for the first time in the nation’s capital, Monrovia, at a ceremony that included comments from the chief designer and other significant figures. This event is extremely important to the Liberians, and it is commemorated every year on National Flag Day in Liberia. Continue reading to discover more fascinating facts about the Liberian flag!

Liberia Flag Day timeline

A Symbol of Independence

On August 24, The Liberian flag design is adopted and a celebration ceremony is held in Monrovia.

Stamp of Approval

The Liberian flag makes an appearance on the first stamps issued by the government.

Mark it Down

President Daniel Edward Howard proclaims August 24 as Flag Day or National Flag Day in Liberia.

Liberia Flag Day FAQs

If Flag Day a public holiday in Liberia?

Flag Day is a federal and public holiday in Liberia. This means that offices and schools are required to be closed throughout the day to participate in festivities.

How is Flag Day celebrated in Liberia?

On this day in Liberia, there are several flag-hoisting ceremonies observed across the country. Flags will be displayed on public and private buildings, accompanied by parades from the Armed Forces and students.

Is the Lone Star the only flag of Liberia?

The Republic of Liberia’s national flag is the Lone Star, although it is not the only flag that the Liberians use. Liberia is divided into 15 counties, each with its own flag based on the country’s quilting culture. However, on the left top-most corner of each county’s flag is an emblem of Liberia’s national flag.

How to Observe Liberia Flag Day

  1. Make an illustration

    Today is a great day to put your artistic skills to the test, and if you're already an expert, try your hand at the Liberian flag. Take some time to make a fun illustration of the Liberian flag by sketching, painting, doodling, or drawing it. It's rather simple to capture because it doesn't have too many features and resembles the American flag. Make it an enjoyable activity to do with the kids, friends, or family, and make sure there is no disrespect for the Liberian flag or nation.

  2. Purchase a flag or lapel

    Becoming a flag collector could be a hobby you never knew you would have an interest in. Today presents the perfect opportunity to get a headstart on the journey by purchasing a mini version of the Liberian flag. If you’re already an avid collector, make sure the flag of Liberia is added to your proud collection. Don’t fancy flags much? You can purchase a lapel pin to show solidarity and call it a day.

  3. Create a buzz

    Any event is only as popular as the hype surrounding it. Your mission of the day is to ensure others learn about this interesting holiday by creating a buzz on your social media platforms. Post about this holiday using the hashtag #NationalFlagDayLiberia or #FlagDayLiberia to spread the word.

5 Facts About The Liberian Flag

  1. It has another name

    The Liberian Flag is sometimes called the ‘Lone Star’ because of the single star on its design.

  2. The star means more

    The lone white star on the Liberian flag represents the first independent republic in Africa.

  3. There is a reason for its resemblance

    The Liberian flag mirrors a resemblance to the American flag because it was founded by formerly enslaved people of color in the United States and the Caribbean.

  4. It was designed by women

    Just like the American flag, the Liberian Flag was designed by a committee of seven women, led by Susannah Elizabeth Lewis.

  5. The stripes mean something too

    The eleven stripes signify the eleven signatories of the Liberian Declaration of Independence, with red and white symbolizing courage and moral excellence respectively.

Why Liberia Flag Day is Important

  1. We get to learn something new

    National Flag Day in Liberia and all that it is about, holds a wealth of new information. Whether it’s about the country or the flag itself, one thing is certain — there is something new to be learned while celebrating this holiday.

  2. Its a symbol of Liberia’s independence

    The Liberian flag came as a result of the country’s declaration of independence. Liberians across the world can look to their flag with pride as they celebrate this day, recognizing themselves as not just an independent republic, but the first of its kind in Africa.

  3. It’s not just about a flag

    The story of the flag of Liberia and this holiday as a whole is great because it reminds us that it isn’t just about a flag. It is also an inspiring story of how formerly enslaved individuals found their independence and home.

Liberia Flag Day dates

2024August 24Saturday
2025August 24Sunday
2026August 24Monday
2027August 24Tuesday
2028August 24Thursday

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