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World Water Week – August 23-27, 2024

World Water Week occurs late August or early September every year. This year, it takes place from August 23 to August 27. There are very few things in the world as relevant to life as water and this event is geared at showing us the benefits that come with this satisfying chemical composition. It is an enlightening conference organized annually by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and is themed on different concepts, each addressing a wide range of the world’s water development and sustainability issues.

History of World Water Week

Water is essential for human existence and life in general. This inorganic, transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless chemical substance is the main constituent of Earth’s hydrosphere and the fluids of all known living organisms.

The origin of water on Earth is the subject of a body of research in the fields of planetary science, astronomy, and astrobiology. Earth is unique among the rocky planets in the Solar System in that it is the only planet known to have oceans of liquid water on its surface.

Water also plays an important role in the world economy. Approximately 70% of the freshwater used by humans goes to agriculture. Fishing is a major source of food for many parts of the world. Much of the long-distance trade of commodities is transported by boats through various bodies of water. Large quantities of water, ice, and steam are used for cooling and heating, in industry and homes. Water is an excellent solvent for a wide variety of substances both mineral and organic; as such it is widely used in industrial processes, and in cooking and washing

In reverence to practically the most important resource to human existence, World Water Week in Stockholm originally began as the Stockholm Water Symposium in 1991 and has been convened annually ever since. A different theme is selected each year, ultimately geared at tackling the world’s greatest challenges, such as the climate crisis, poverty, and the loss of biodiversity.

World Water Week timeline

2350 B.C.
Household Water Supply Emerges

The old city of Lothal in the Indus Valley Civilization in Asia shows early evidence of a public water supply and sanitation, with each house having its own personal toilet and a connected sewer system.

The Beginning

World Water Week in Stockholm originally begins as the Stockholm Water Symposium.

The Rebrand

The official name becomes World Water Week in Stockholm.

A New Leaf

Initially, a single theme was promoted for four to five years, but since 2008, a different theme is selected for each year.

World Water Week FAQs

What is the theme of World Water Week?

The theme of World Water Week 2022 is ‘Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible,’ which aims to highlight this vital resource and the increasing pressure on it including depletion and pollution.

What does SIWI stand for?

SIWI is an acronym for either Stockholm International Water Institute or Swedish International Water Institute.

Who organizes World Water Week?

World Water Week is organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), annually every late August or early September.

How to Observe World Water Week

  1. Drink sustainably

    Drinking out of plastic water bottles can cause unnecessary waste, plastic pollution, fossil fuel depletion, and carbon emissions. To eliminate plastic waste and reduce your environmental footprint, try drinking filtered tap water from a reusable glass.

  2. Livestream World Water Week

    World Water Week can be streamed live from any location of your choosing. Multiple live streams will be shared every day through World Water Week on SIWI’s Facebook and Vimeo pages. You can also share your thoughts with the hashtag #WWWeek.

  3. Watch a water documentary

    Conduct a simple water search on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. You will find highly acclaimed documentaries and films regarding the global water crisis, climate change, single-use plastics, and droughts. Watching a powerful film can inspire you to change small aspects of your everyday life, especially when it comes to water use.

5 Important Facts About Water

  1. It is a short-term guest

    On an empty stomach, water leaves your stomach five minutes after drinking it.

  2. It is all in your head

    The human brain consists of about 73% water.

  3. Every drop counts

    A leaky tap that drips one drop per second can waste more than 2,985 gallons a year.

  4. Its quantity hasn’t changed

    There is the same amount of water on Earth as there was when the Earth was formed.

  5. It is more essential than food

    A person can live without food for about a month, but only for about a week without water.

Why World Water Week is Important

  1. It highlights global challenges and how water can solve most of them

    World Water Week is not just the leading annual conference on global water issues, it is also a powerful movement for change. Challenges such as the climate crisis, poverty, and the loss of biodiversity, can be impacted positively with the use of water. World Water Week focuses on the major transformations that need to take place if we are to achieve Sustainable Development Goals and slash carbon emissions.

  2. It is packed with useful insights and knowledge for the general public

    With over 4,000 contributors and more than 300 sessions on a broad range of topics, there is more than enough information to learn about the current global and water situation of the world. Much of the program revolves around five top challenges that require our immediate attention. The conference is held online and will be available free of charge to registered participants.

  3. It provides a platform for global governing water bodies to share ideas

    Water plays an important role in the world economy and our livelihood. Functioning as an open and dynamic platform, World Water Week aims to link practice, science, policy, and decision-making. It enables participants to exchange views and experiences, form partnerships, and shape joint solutions to global water challenges.

World Water Week dates

2022August 23Tuesday
2023August 20Sunday
2024August 23Friday
2025August 23Saturday
2026August 23Sunday

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