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IBM PC Day – August 12, 2024

On August 12, 1981, IBM released its first Personal Computer (PC), Model 5150, earning the occasion a place of honor on the worldwide calendar as a special celebration — IBM PC Day. Without a doubt, this IBM PC transformed the business world. It was the first microcomputer in the model line and formed the basis for IBM PC’s existing standards. It was created in Boca Raton, Florida, by a team of designers and engineers led by Don Estridge. We are honored to live in this age that benefited greatly from this technological breakthrough. Read on to learn more about IBM and their first PC.

History of IBM PC Day

It’s hard to imagine what life before 1980 was like without computers. Technology plays a vital part in modern life, and modern businesses would certainly be unable to function without computer-based systems. Before the 1980s, IBM only provided business computer systems, which were minicomputers. The company soon saw increasing competition in the market witnessed by the rising profits of competitors in the microcomputer arena. At the time, competitors were Apple, Commodore, and Tandy. Some other large companies such as Texas Instruments, Hewlett Packard, Data General, and some other big customers of IBM were starting to buy Apple computers. To enter this growing market and meet the demands of its customers and the business world, IBM decided to develop its first personal computer (PC).

IBM used its existing off-the-shelf components, and the design strategy was kept totally secret. In the space of about 12 months, the IBM PC Model 5150 debuted. The price was set according to the market competition, starting at $1,565 with a configuration of 16kB RAM, no disk drives, and a Color Graphic Adapter. The microcomputer proved to be a runaway success for the small business market and opened the gateways for the era of personal computers. IBM worked in collaboration with Microsoft for their operating system. The IBM personal computer used a Microsoft operating system, helping to establish Microsoft’s dominance in the PC market.

IBM PC had a major influence on the market for personal computers. Although other companies introduced microcomputers earlier, IBM had its own significance. Its specifications and configuration became one of the most famous standards for computer design. The only notable competition IBM faced in the 1980s was the Apple Macintosh. Today, most modern-day PCs are the distant successors of the IBM PC.

IBM PC Day timeline

The Initial Attempt

In the mid-1970s, other companies started making personal computers.


IBM releases its first personal computer, the IBM 5150, and becomes a forerunner in the industry.

The Lucrative Returns

In 1984, the PC market gave IBM a revenue of four billion dollars which was more than twice that of Apple.

The Latest IBM Computer

On April 23, the latest IBM PC i7.4 is released.


Who founded IBM?

In the late 1800s, Herman Hollerith founded the Computing, Tabulating & Recording Company which later became IBM.

What did the IBM PC do?

The IBM PC changed the dimension of business computing by becoming the first Personal Computer to achieve widespread adoption by industry.

What was the last IBM PC?

The last IBM PC was IBM 300PL, which was discontinued in Oct 2000.

How to Observe IBM PC Day

  1. Visit the IBMs site is the official IBM website for IBM 5051. It contains vintage ads, articles, commercials, and much more. It also tells you how to fix a faulty PC.

  2. Read about the release on “InfoWorld”

    The original cover of “InfoWorld” contains the complete 1981 issue where the IBM PC makes front-page news. The issue says it’s surprised by IBM’s choice of using MS-DOS (86 DOS) in particular.

  3. Create a hashtag

    Create awareness among your friends on social media about IBM PC Day. Start a hashtag and let the world know.

5 Interesting Facts About IBM

  1. It’s over 200 years old

    The tech giant was founded about 100 years ago in New York City.

  2. It helped in the first moon mission

    IBM computers helped NASA in the Apollo mission, the first human venture on the moon.

  3. Its employees have won Nobel prizes

    Five IBM employees have won Nobel prizes so far.

  4. It powered gaming consoles

    Every major gaming console used today had its CPU powered by IBM.

  5. It's heavy on research and development

    IBM invests about six billion dollars per year in Research and Development (R&D).

Why IBM PC Day is Important

  1. It's about technological innovation

    IBM has always worked for the advancement of technology and brought new and exciting features to its products. IBM has a vision that works on seeing beyond the imagination.

  2. It has a great work policy

    IBM maintains a very cooperative yet disciplined work policy. It provides equal opportunities to all its employees, and everyone’s work is appreciated and recognized.

  3. It empowers the disadvantaged

    IBM was one of the first companies to hire disabled workers. It also opened the first school for the professional training of women.

IBM PC Day dates

2024August 12Monday
2025August 12Tuesday
2026August 12Wednesday
2027August 12Thursday
2028August 12Saturday

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