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National Julienne Fries Day
MonAug 12

National Julienne Fries Day – August 12, 2024

On National Julienne Fries Day celebrated every August 12, head out to the eatery of your choice and order some julienne fries. Don’t know what julienne fries are? Well, they’re just normal fries that are cut using the julienne culinary method. This means the fries are chopped into thin pieces that are almost the size of a matchstick. Why opt for the fries, you ask? Because they are classy, crispy, and taste slightly different than the regular fries served at many restaurants. So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and head out on a fries-eating spree!

History of National Julienne Fries Day

Although no one knows the origin of the julienne cut, the 1877 book titled ”Book of the Table,” analyzes its sources and links the method to the recipe of a Julienne Soup. Simply put, julienne fries are a type of French fry that have existed for centuries. In earlier times, the method of cooking was simply frying potatoes — later on, these fried potatoes started being cut into pieces of varying sizes and thicknesses.

French fries originated in Belgium and were termed ‘French fries’ because French was the language that was spoken in that region at that particular time. However, some people also believe French fries originated in 1789 in France where they were sold by street vendors. Another ‘French fries origins story’ says potatoes were first fried in Spain. No matter what the true history of the salty dish is, the fact is that fries have become a favorite of people across the world. Not only are they easy to make, but they’re also filling! No wonder Charles Dickens couldn’t help but mention French fries in his 1859 novel “A Tale of Two Cities.”

Here are more historic facts you probably didn’t know about fries: they were a dime an order in McDonald’s during the 1950s. By the 1980s, fries had become so popular that countries such as China, Belgium, Israel, Slovakia, and the Netherlands introduced vending machines that dispensed fries. The first machine of this kind was launched in 1982 in Australia. The machine called Mr. French Fry was designed to cook and produce french fries in under a minute.

National Julienne Fries Day timeline

Frying Without Wings

Potatoes are fried and consumed in Belgium.

Eat It Out

President Thomas Jefferson introduces French fries in the U.S. at a state dinner.

New Beginnings

American-style fries are introduced in the U.K.

A Test

McDonald’s tests waffle fries in Canada.

National Julienne Fries Day FAQs

What is a julienne fry?

A julienne fry is a fry made using a culinary knife cut in which fries are cut into thin long strips.

Are French fries a julienne cut?

Yes, most French fries are a julienne cut. They are also known as shoe-string fries. 

What is potato julienne?

It is a technique that cuts potatoes into matchstick-sized pieces.

How to Celebrate National Julienne Fries Day

  1. Make some julienne fries

    Today is the day you can head to the kitchen and make as many fries as you want. The only condition is that the fries must be cut in the julienne way.

  2. Educate others on the method

    Believe it or not, many people don’t even know about this method of cutting fries. So why not gain some brownie points and educate others on social media?

  3. Eat lots of fries

    Well, if you were looking for an opportunity to have a fry-eating marathon, today is the day! Check out your favorite fast-food joints and start eating.

5 Fun Facts You Need To Know About Fries

  1. Styles of fries

    There are more than 15 styles available.

  2. The world’s largest producer of fries

    McCains Foods produces the most frozen fries.

  3. The average American’s consumption

    According to “National Geographic,” an average American eats nearly 30 pounds of french fries.

  4. The name for fries in England

    They are referred to as ‘chips.’

  5. Number of potatoes bought by McDonald’s

    The fast-food chain buys more than 3.4 billion pounds of U.S potatoes yearly.

Why We Love National Julienne Fries Day

  1. It gives insight into the culinary method

    Since there are many people across the globe who don’t even know what the julienne culinary method is, the day educates many.

  2. Increases the sales of julienne fries

    To pay tribute to the day, people often head out to their favorite eatery to have some shoe-string fries. The result? Sales increase.

  3. Urges people to experiment

    It is days like these that motivate people to come up with a new type of creative dish. Though the world already has numerous types of fries, we would love to try out more recipes.

National Julienne Fries Day dates

2024August 12Monday
2025August 12Tuesday
2026August 12Wednesday
2027August 12Thursday
2028August 12Saturday

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