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FriJan 24

Macintosh Computer Day – January 24, 2025

Macintosh Computer Day, celebrated on January 24, celebrates the same day in 1984 when the very first Macintosh computer, the predecessor of today’s Apple computers, was introduced to the public. Macintosh broke into the consumer market as the alternative option to other computers, ushering in a new age of freedom and creativity, and continues to be the preferred system for creatives and techies across the globe.

History of Macintosh Computer Day

The Macintosh project began in 1979 when Jef Raskin, an Apple employee, proposed a user-friendly, cost-effective computer for the average consumer. He wanted to name the computer the McIntosh, after his favorite type of apple, but the spelling was changed to “Macintosh” for legal reasons. In September 1979, Raskin was permitted to start hiring for the project and he on-boarded his long-time colleague, Brian Howard. Later on, he would hire Steve Jobs as project lead, sealing the future of Apple computers in technological history.  However, in a 2013 interview, Steve Wozniak implied that he had led the initial design and development phase of the Macintosh project. He temporarily left the company after experiencing a traumatic airplane crash in 1981, at which point Jobs took over. In that same interview, Wozniak stated that the original Macintosh ‘failed’ under Jobs and that it was not until Jobs left that it became a success. He credited the Macintosh’s ultimate success to people like John Sculley “who worked to build a Macintosh market when the Apple II went away.” Reaching a 300 million valuation almost overnight, Apple became the fastest-growing company in U.S. history. With over 50 companies salivating for a bite of the Apple, one company stood out above the rest — IBM. And so began one of the most ruthless rivalries in corporate history as many promising competitors drastically fell by the wayside.

Macintosh continued in a formidable battle against IBM, but decades later Apple would take over the industry with the introduction of iPhones and iMacs in one of the biggest and longest emerging comebacks in the history of any industry.

Macintosh Computer Day timeline

The First Mac

The Macintosh project begins.

A Grand Entrance

The Macintosh is introduced by a $1.5 million George Orwell-inspired Ridley Scott television commercial masterpiece titled “1984” that airs during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII.

Speedy Tech

Apple takes advantage of the new Motorola technology that allows for a faster machine and introduces the Macintosh II at just under $5,500.

Introduction of the iMac

Apple introduces its new iMac, which is an all-in-one computer with a characteristic translucent plastic case.

Macintosh Computer Day FAQs

Who invented the Macintosh computer?

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are largely credited with the invention of the Mac computer.


Are old Macintosh computers worth anything?

The average price old Macs go for is about $100.


What does Mac stand for?

Mac stands for Macintosh, which is a reference to Jef Raskin’s favorite type of apple.

Macintosh Computer Day Activities

  1. Get a new computer

    If you’re in the market for a new laptop or desktop computer, Macs are an excellent choice. Look at some of the reasons people love them and see if it’s the right choice for you!

  2. Learn more about Mac

    The “Steve Jobs” movie is great and it provides a lot of information about the history of Macintosh that you might find fascinating. We recommend giving it a look!

  3. Share your love

    Post a selfie on social media using your favorite Apple product and share!


  1. The Macintosh wasn’t Apple’s first computer

    The homemade Apple-I was released in 1976. Of the 200 that were produced, only six are believed to still be working and one sold for around £407,000 at auction in May 2012.

  2. Ronald Wayne drew the first logo

    Ronald Wayne drew the first Apple logo and the Apple I computer user manual. He sold his stake for $1,500 after just two weeks to settle a debt. It would have been worth $22 billion today.

  3. Steve Jobs left Apple for a while

    Less than 18 months after introducing the Macintosh, Steve Jobs was ousted as Apple CEO in 1985 following a power struggle with the board of directors. He would not return until 1996.

  4. The software updates had unusual names

    Until very recently, all Mac OS X software updates were named after big cats.

  5. An Apple computer was named after Jobs’ daughter

    The extremely expensive Apple Lisa, which predated the Mac, was named after Steve Jobs's daughter Lisa.

Why We Love Macintosh Computer Day

  1. It stands for individuality!

    For a long time, Macs have represented the youth going against the grain, embracing their creative side, and doing something different — that’s why we love Macs.

  2. Their marketing is iconic

    Anyone in the field of marketing can’t let Apple commercials go unnoticed. They are historically impactful and an iconic component of pop culture, which is part of what makes them so cool.

  3. They’re reliable

    Macs are well-made and well-respected products, loaded with a whole bunch of great software you’d have to buy separately on any other PC.

Macintosh Computer Day dates

2025January 24Friday
2026January 24Saturday
2027January 24Sunday
2028January 24Monday
2029January 24Wednesday

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