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Unification Day – January 24, 2025

The most important part of Romania’s history, Unification Day, is celebrated on January 24. This day marks the important first step to creating the nation of Romania as we know it today. On this day, in 1859, two Romanian principalities, “Moldavia” and “Wallachia”, came together to form the “Union of the Romanian Principalities” or the “Little Union”. This eventually led up to the Great Union which formed the nation of Romania.

History of Unification Day

The great nation of Romania has a beautiful history, some of which we will be sharing with you today. This nation officially came to be in 1866, after the unification of different principalities and states, and expanded even more in 1918. Two major unifications came to be for the nation of Romania to be formed as we know it — the “Little Union” and the “Great Union.”

Before these events, since the 1300s, Moldavia and Wallachia were Danubian Principalities and belonged to Europe. At the time there were power struggles between the people of Russia and Habsburg that eventually led to the Russo-Turkish War, the Crimean War, and the Treaty of Paris. On January 24, 1859, Alexandru Ioan Cuza became elected as the ruler of both Moldavia and Wallachia, this led to their compulsory unification and formed the Union of the Romanian Principalities which was ultimately known as “The Romanian United Principalities” in 1862.

This event is called the “Little Union,” and is so important because it is considered the first step to the creation of a unified Romanian state. In 1866, the nation was renamed Romania, and in 1881, it became the Kingdom of Romania. On December 1, 1918, the Great Union happened, which marked the unification of Transylvania, Bessarabia, and Bukovina with the Kingdom of Romania. This holiday, however, was not declared until after the Romanian Revolution of 1989. The Romanian Unification Day became a public holiday in 2015 and has been celebrated ever since.

Unification Day timeline

The Little Union

The principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia are united to form the Union of the Romanian Principalities.

A Nation Called Romania

The Romanian United Principalities is renamed Romania.

The Kingdom is Formed

Romania is known as the Kingdom of Romania.

A Public Holiday

After being adopted by the Senate in 2014, The Day of the Unification of the Romanian Principalities is celebrated as a public holiday a year after.

Unification Day FAQs

What is Romania’s Independence day?

The Great Union of December 1, 1918, is considered the Independence Day of the nation of Romania. Locally it is known as “Ziua Marii Uniri,” and is the day Transylvania was united with the Kingdom of Romania.

What is the capital of Romania?

Bucharest is the capital municipality of Romania. It is the largest city and is located in the southeast of the country. It is also home to many wonderful sites.

Are there vampires in Romania?

The people of Romania have vampire folklore that has been passed down for generations and is still popular to date. These vampires were known as “moroi” and “strigoi,” and were said to belong to Transylvania.

How to Observe Unification Day

  1. Study their history

    The best way to get to know a group of people is to learn about them, and the easiest method to accomplish that is by studying their history. Learn more about the people of Romania today by diving into their history. There are several resources online you could read to get more insight into the Romanian people.

  2. Join a parade

    If you find yourself within the Romanian area today, then you are fortunate to be in the middle of all the festivities! Take full advantage of the day by joining the parades that are usually organized across the nation. Become one with the people of Romania by celebrating as they do.

  3. Sing and dance

    The people of Romania also celebrate this special day by singing songs and dancing — usually in groups of circles to symbolize unification. You can find video representations of this on the internet, and learn the lyrics and a few moves. Bring your loved ones in on the fun by inviting them to sing and dance with you.

5 Interesting Facts About Romania

  1. It’s home to many inventors

    The discoveries of coffee, insulin, the modern jet engine, the fountain pen, and much more can be credited to the Romanian people.

  2. It boasts a speedy network

    Romania’s 4G network speed is the fourth fastest in the world.

  3. It has the world’s prettiest road

    The Transfagarasan Highway in Romania is considered the world’s prettiest road.

  4. It has an equally pretty bookshop

    The city, Bucharest, has one of the world’s prettiest bookshops, the “Cărturești Carusel.”

  5. It has its own Mt. Rushmore

    There is a statue of the former Dacian ruler carved in stone on the side of the Danube’s banks.

Why Unification Day is Important

  1. It’s the reason Romania exists

    Without the Little Union of 1859, there would have been no Great Union. This means that Romania as we know it would not have been in existence today. The unification of the previously mentioned principalities was key to creating the Romania we now know.

  2. It is monumental to the people of Romania

    As we’ve previously discussed, without this day, there would be no Romania. That fact in itself shows just how important this celebration is to the people of Romania, and why it is so relevant.

  3. It represents the power of a great union

    There is so much to be achieved from unity, and even more from a great one. Unification Day proves all the amazing things that can be achieved from a great union, and a beautiful nation is one of them!

Unification Day dates

2025January 24Friday
2026January 24Saturday
2027January 24Sunday
2028January 24Monday
2029January 24Wednesday

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