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Data Privacy Week

Data Privacy Week – January 24-28, 2025

Data Privacy Week from January 24 – January 28 is an international effort to create awareness about digital data privacy, and how it is being used and sometimes exploited by businesses. The cause advocates respecting the privacy of individuals, and for businesses to be more transparent about how they handle user data.

Millions of people are unaware of how their digital activity and personal data are being collected and shared with large corporations. Data Privacy Week gives the power to control privacy back to the users.

History of Data Privacy Week

In 1981, a treaty titled “The Convention for the Protection of Individuals with Regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data ” was formed by the Council of Europe. This was the first-ever international treaty that dealt with data privacy and its protection. The treaty safeguarded the rights to privacy of users, maintaining the ever-growing digital flow of personal data across borders.

To commemorate the signing of Convention 108, Data Protection Day was created on April 26, 2006, with the date of the observance set on January 28. In 2022, the annual holiday will expand to a week-long campaign called Data Privacy Week.

Data Privacy Week educates users about online privacy, how to identify whether their personal information is being used, and what measures should be taken to prevent data breaches. The holiday also encourages companies to stop misusing data collected, and be accountable about how consumer data is being collected and used.

Every single activity done online leaves a trace. Whether it is an individual’s online activity, frequently visited websites, or personal information such as identification numbers, it is all collected and shared without the user’s knowledge. As the digital hub grows, and with children being exposed to internet culture more so than ever, it is becoming increasingly important to handle and protect your personal information online. We encourage everyone to be stringent with their privacy settings, passwords, and where they are uploading their valuable information.

Data Privacy Week timeline

January 28, 1981
Convention 108

The first international treaty on data privacy and protection is signed.

It’s Updated

The data protection treaty is revised, adding artificial intelligence and its implications.

January 2008
Data Privacy Day

Expanding from Europe, Data Privacy Day is observed in the U.S. and Canada,

A Week-Long Observance

The National Cybersecurity Alliance observes Data Privacy Week.

Data Privacy Week FAQs

Who started Data Privacy Day?

Data Privacy Day was an initiative of the Council of Europe, and it was observed for the first time as European Data Protection Day in 2007. 

How can we protect our privacy in 2021?

Some basic ways to protect privacy are by creating stronger passwords, regularly updating them, using a V.P.N. for web surfing, and checking your social media accounts’ privacy settings regularly. 

What is data privacy?

Data privacy is the determination of which data stored virtually can be shared with third parties by firms or individuals.

How To Observe Data Privacy Week

  1. Change your passwords

    This is a simple yet effective way to protect your data. It is good to update all your passwords once every few months, as they are prone to appearing in data leaks.

  2. Manage your privacy

    Take into account all your information that is available online. Be aware of which websites have access to your personal information, and make sure you know all the relevant privacy settings.

  3. Learn more about data privacy

    Read about how big companies like Facebook are collecting user data, and for what purposes. Terms of service and privacy agreements are available for everyone to read as well.

5 Shocking Facts About Data Privacy

  1. Google is the kingpin

    40% of all web traffic is monitored and tracked by Google.

  2. Google isn’t the only company

    Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft are all contenders for tracking user activity and web traffic.

  3. It’s mostly for ads

    The primary purpose for collecting user data is to generate targeted ads.

  4. Privacy laws exist for individuals

    Privacy laws allow individuals to take back complete ownership of their data, and even exercise their right to be forgotten.

  5. Replica profiles are created

    Every user has a profile made about them, containing data on them.

Why Data Privacy Week is Important

  1. It creates awareness about precautionary measures

    It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially online. Data Privacy Week creates awareness about data security and addresses justified concerns of users whose personal information is compromised.

  2. Advocacy for governments to intervene

    Although cyber laws exist, the situation is spiraling out of control. There is a need for national institutions to intervene and establish stricter regulations on corporations to ensure cyber security.

  3. It can prevent people from becoming victims

    The darker side to information collection is how unsuspecting users become targets of cyberstalking and scams. Incidents can even take place offline if the location of an individual is available.

Data Privacy Week dates

2025January 24Friday
2026January 24Saturday
2027January 24Sunday
2028January 24Monday
2029January 24Wednesday

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