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National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day – October 17, 2021

There are exactly 365 days in a year, yet most of us neglect the condition of our computers. Technology is more advanced than ever, so we have become accustomed to not maintaining them. Thanks to the good folks at the Personal Computer Museum, of Ontario Canada, that has changed. On the third Monday of October, on October 17 this year, people celebrate National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day by doing just that — making sure their desktops are cleaned.

National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day Activities

  1. Back up your files

    If you rarely clean your desktop, then it is safe to assume that you barely back up your files. So here’s an idea; do both! Back up your files to a secured hard drive and delete them from your computer.

  2. Organize your things

    Question, can you see the background picture on your desktop? Or is it being camouflaged by the army of documents on your screen? If the answer is yes, then SMH. Clean it up! Organize your files by archiving them into folders.

  3. Let it go

    Let it go, let it gooooo! Sorry, that song is catchy so we couldn’t help but reference Frozen. All jokes aside though, let go of those files you’ve been holding to. Do you really need that screenshot from 3 years ago? Trash it if the answer is no.

Why We Love National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

  1. More speed

    The logic behind this is quite simple; the more things you have stored on your computer = a slower running machine. This because more RAM is being used. For those that do not know what RAM is, think of it as horse power. The heavier your car weighs, the more horse power you use to travel. Clean up your computer as if it were a tune up and get up to speed.

  2. More space

    We’re just stating the obvious folks. Clean up your computer and gain more space on your computer! As mentioned above, this will make your computer quicker, plus it will give you more space to store the important documents you want - as opposed to the Rachel Ray recipe from 2008. (We love you Rachel, that wasn’t shade!)

  3. Fresh start

    Do you remember how quick your computer was when you first purchased it? Probably not, since you haven’t cleaned it in years! Get a fresh start by emptying the trash. Start over by being more organized this time. Label your documents appropriately and make it easy for yourself when you need to find them.

National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day dates

2021October 17Sunday
2022October 17Monday
2023October 17Tuesday
2024October 17Thursday
2025October 17Friday

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