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ThuOct 17

Child Poverty Day – October 17, 2024

Child Poverty Day, also referred to as International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (IDEP) observed on October 17, is a time that highlights child poverty that exists even in developed nations. Apart from lagging in necessities such as food, and freshwater, child poverty also includes a lack of quality healthcare, education, and nutrition. When parents are unable to afford these, the child begins to suffer. More often, it is the job of government institutions to offer such necessities free of cost to empower the youth and build the future of the nation. Celebrate the day and spread information regarding child poverty across the world.

History of Child Poverty Day

Child poverty has long been an issue that requires immediate attention since children living in poverty are considered to be susceptible to dying before the age of 5. This is because children are sensitive, and the way they are raised takes a toll on their physical and mental health.

According to UNICEF, approximately 356 million children live in extreme poverty. This includes the absence of housing, quality healthcare, and clean water. However, apart from material goods, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) believes that “children living in poverty are those who experience deprivation of the material, spiritual and emotional resources needed to stay alive, develop and thrive.”

The age bracket of children suffering from poverty mostly includes people below 18 — a time when the youth can make or break their future based on their circumstances. According to ChildFund International (C.F.I.), child poverty also includes a lack of rights and safety.

While the U.S is a developed country, you will be shocked to know that in 2018, nearly 11.9 million children were living in poverty in the country. Moreover, it was also discovered that child poverty is related to both age and race. For instance, nearly 73% of poor children in America are children of color. This means, with an average household income of $70 a day for four people, children are likely to drop out of high school, unable to attend college, and hence, have little to no white-collar employment prospects.

Child Poverty Day timeline

A First

The first commemoration of "World Day to Overcome Poverty" takes place in Paris, France.

A Fall

There is a decline in poverty rates for black and Latino children from 35.6 million the previous year to 31.9 million.

The Committee

The International Committee for October 17 is launched.

Deprived Children Die

10.6 million children die before age five, an equivalent of the total child population of France, Italy, Greece, and Germany.

Child Poverty Day FAQs

What's the richest country in the world?

Luxembourg with adjusted G.D.P./capital of $117,846.

Which country has the highest rate of child poverty?

The United States tops the chart, having the highest rates of child poverty at 20.9%.

Which country has the lowest poverty rate?

Iceland has the lowest poverty rate among O.E.C.D’s 38 member countries.

How to Observe Child Poverty Day

  1. Visit an orphanage

    To celebrate the day, visit an orphanage. A lot of children living in orphanages suffer from poverty. Ensure to go along with some books, food, toys, and clothing items for them.

  2. Create awareness

    The best way to celebrate the day is to lend your hand in creating awareness regarding the cause. Post about child poverty on social media, or speak about it on a popular platform. The aim is to spread the message.

  3. Make donations

    Apart from talking about the cause, you can make an actual difference by donating to an organization that tackles child poverty. You can even sponsor a child’s education.

5 Facts About Child Poverty

  1. Condition in sub-Saharan Africa

    247 million children in sub-Saharan Africa live in poverty.

  2. Children deprived of basic needs

    About 663 million children live without food, shelter, education, etc.

  3. Children living in extreme poverty

    There are about 356 million children worldwide living in "extreme poverty."

  4. The highest child poverty rate

    This is present in countries such as the U.S., Israel, Turkey, and Chile.

  5. Poverty in rich countries

    One in five children lives in poverty in some of the world’s richest countries.

Why Child Poverty Day is Important

  1. It sheds light on child poverty

    We love the day because it provides information regarding child poverty, what the causes are, and how we can end child poverty. It also creates awareness regarding the suffering of children.

  2. It urges the government to take action

    The day is important and needs to be celebrated every year since it brings forward crucial statistics that urge the government to take quick actions to eliminate poverty. Bring it to the attention of your government today!

  3. It increases donations

    Due to the awareness spread on this day regarding child poverty, many organizations and wealthy individuals donate to charities to help suffering children with necessities. Take the time out to make a donation, however small it may be.

Child Poverty Day dates

2024October 17Thursday
2025October 17Friday
2026October 17Saturday
2027October 17Sunday
2028October 17Tuesday

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