National Relaxation Day – August 15, 2019

Thu Aug 15

While you won’t make it far in life without putting your best foot forward, it’s hard to avoid burnout without kicking that foot up on an ottoman every now and then. Relaxation is just as crucial to a successful life as hard work is, and it’s something that should be commemorated. So, on Aug. 15, we celebrate National Relaxation Day!

National Relaxation Day Activities

  1. Find a new relaxing activity

    Ever try yoga or meditation? They're both great ways to relax, but if they're a bit too exotic for you, a different type of light exercise can work, too.

  2. Help someone else relax

    If you're stress-free, someone close to you could probably use some help attaining the same state of mental peace. If they've got a lot on their plate, consider taking on some of their least-liked tasks to help lighten the load.

  3. Make a relaxation schedule

    It might seem counterintuitive, but for many busy people, the only way to ensure that you've got time to relax is to commit to a schedule. Get it on your calendar like any of your other appointments, and before you know it, relaxation will be a part of your regular routine.

Why We Love National Relaxation Day

  1. It betters your mood

    Stress can have disastrous effects, and it generally has a negative effect on state of mind. Relaxation is a great way to relieve stress, and it almost always leads to an improvement in mood.

  2. It helps with a better night's rest

    Life can get intense. If your day has you feeling nervous, anxious, or fearful, it'll be hard getting a good night's rest, even if you manage to fall asleep. Take some time to relax before bed for a better night's sleep.

  3. It helps to keep you healthy

    Illness is significantly more common amongst people who report stress, so by getting your chill on, you're also limiting your trips to the doctor's office.

National Relaxation Day dates
2019August 15Thursday
2020August 15Saturday
2021August 15Sunday
2022August 15Monday
2023August 15Tuesday