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ThuAug 15

World Greatness Day – August 15, 2024

World Greatness Day is celebrated yearly on August 15. Professor Patrick Businge established this festival to honor all things great in life. This day draws our attention to the individuals who have had a significant impact on our lives. Whether it’s a parent, a friend, or a cherished pet, this is our moment to honor and thank those people. Above all, it’s a day to think about your own brilliance. Businge believes that everyone is capable of greatness and that it is critical to build confidence and self-esteem to share that greatness with the rest of the world.

History of World Greatness Day

World Greatness Day is celebrated annually on August 15. This documents the day this holiday was registered in the National Day Archives. Dr. Patrick Businge, the author of “Greatness Code,” started this holiday as a way to express your gratitude to the great people in your life. It’s a day to celebrate people, businesses, places, pets, and anything else great in your life. This day also aims to help people foster or discover the greatness within themselves. Dr. Businge is a professor who taught over 50,000 people throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, and North America. He has acquired ten postgraduate qualifications from over seven universities and is consistently improving himself.

Dr. Patrick Businge founded Greatness University to help enact his beliefs. This university is one of its kind. Its core belief is that there is greatness in everyone and that this greatness can leave footprints. This institution aims to discover and develop the greatness in people and help them translate that greatness into success. They do this through a process they call ‘greatnisation’ in which they help people discover their greatness and officially declare them great over three stages — identification, research, and greatnisation.

The names of these great people are documented in an annual publication called the “World Book of Greatness.” The university has many publications dedicated to teaching people about greatness and helping them discover it, such as the “Greatness Code,” “Beatitudes of Greatness,” and “Les Brown Changed Our Lives.” The institution offers a ‘greatness constantly’ with Dr. Buisnage and many other sessions to help develop your greatness.

World Greatness Day timeline

World Greatness Day

World Greatness Day is registered in the National Day Archives.

“Greatness Code”

The book “Greatness Code” is published

Greatness University

Greatness University is founded.

Greatness Awards

Presented by Greatness University, World Greatness Awards is established to appreciate individuals' tireless service, and recognize their unparalleled contribution to humanity, practice, academia, and the publishing world with a variety of prestigious and legacy awards

World Greatness Day FAQs

Does greatness mean success?

Greatness is a greater state. Success is born out of greatness.

What are the qualities of greatness?

Confidence, optimism, determination, and humility are some of the qualities for greatness.

What is the importance of greatness?

Finding your greatness means positively impacting yourself and those around you.

World Greatness Day Activities

  1. Celebrate the greats in your life

    There are many ways to celebrate with your loved ones. Host a get-together with all the great people in your life to express your gratitude to them. Or simply, write them cards or call them up and say, ‘Thank you.’

  2. Discover your greatness

    It might be more than one step, but take the day to reflect on your greatness and think of what you have to offer the world. Maybe you’re not there just yet, but that’s okay. There’s still time to show the world your greatness.

  3. Read the “Greatness Code”

    Patrick Businge wrote the “Greatness Code” to teach you how to discover and develop the greatness within you. Go to your local bookstore or buy it online. Who knows? You might just discover your greatness.

5 Important Facts About Greatness

  1. The main factor is consistency

    The most important step in being great is to consistently set goals and do your best to achieve them, even if you fail repeatedly.

  2. You have to set a vision

    To achieve greatness, you need to have a focused vision and believe in that vision.

  3. It’s okay to make mistakes

    Successful people aren’t afraid of making mistakes because they see it as a learning opportunity.

  4. You don’t have to be a leader to be great

    You can be great whether you’re a leader to a follower.

  5. Self-care matters too

    Success does not always imply constant toil; sometimes the greatest thing for you is to take a step back and relax; if you give your mind and body the rest they require, you will return even stronger.

Why We Love World Greatness Day

  1. It reminds us to value people

    The great people in our lives often go unappreciated. It’s important to look back and remember people’s kindness and support in our time of need. The simplest thing we can do is thank them.

  2. It helps us appreciate the little things

    You might not see the great things in your life on a first look, but it’s important to admit that we need other people from time to time. Taking the time to reflect reminds us to appreciate playing with a pet or getting a hug from a friend.

  3. It’s about more than self-discovery

    It’s not just about discovering your greatness, but about understanding your uniqueness and appreciating yourself and what you bring to the world.

World Greatness Day dates

2024August 15Thursday
2025August 15Friday
2026August 15Saturday
2027August 15Sunday
2028August 15Tuesday

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