National Hug Your Dog Day – April 10, 2019

Wed Apr 10

Our dogs deserve all the love and affection we can give, which is why there is a special day dedicated just to hugging them. Every year on April 10 is National Hug Your Dog Day. It was started by Ami Moore, famed “Dog Whisperer of Chicago,” who wanted to remind the world how human’s oldest friend and pet deserves an extra thank you for all the joy they bring into our lives. So grab your dog and give them an extra squeeze today!

National Hug Your Dog Day - History


Emotional Support Pup

Dogs started being recognized as emotional support animals

3,000 B.C.

The Herding Dog

Dogs started helping humans keep sheep straight

15,000- 30,000 B.C.

The First Pet

Dogs were the first animals to ever be domesticated for personal and working reasons

National Hug Your Dog Day Activities

  1. Go for a walk

    Take your dog for an extra long walk today or even to a local dog park. After seeing how happy it makes them, you’ll be wondering why you don’t do it more often.

  2. Go on a doggie date

    Bring your pup to a dog-friendly restaurant to show them how grateful you are for how grateful they are. Some restaurants have special dog biscuits or will cook up some special meat so that you and your canine can dine together. If they’re an extra good dog, take them out for some ice cream after, just don’t give them too much.

  3. Squeeze a little tighter

    In honor of your pet on this sacred day, hold them tight, give them an extra long belly rub and cuddle them on the floor or couch while you watch your favorite dog movie together.

Why We Love National Hug Your Dog Day

  1. Dogs deserve a special thank you

    In addition to being unconditional lovers and expert cuddlers, dogs serve humans in many ways by holding important jobs, including jobs that humans are physically incapable of doing, such as sniffing for drugs and bombs.

  2. Dogs love to be loved

    Historically, dogs are pack animals which is why they hate being alone. Hence the barking, howling, chewing on your favorite shoes when you’re not home. When you adopt a pet, you are their pack, so cut them some slack for forgetting personal space and give them an extra tight squeeze today.

  3. Dogs are grateful

    Besides that famous painting, dogs do not have a poker face. Just you coming home is enough to make their day. With many dogs, just the mention of the word walk is enough to get them racing. That wagging tail and smiley pant is also all the thanks you need.

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