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June24–July 1

Rabbit Week – June 24-July 1, 2024

Rabbit Awareness Week takes place during the last week of June. This year, it takes place from June 24 to July 1. The week-long event was established to raise awareness about rabbits, sometimes considered ‘forgotten pets.’ It is an annual event aiming to educate rabbit owners on how to properly look after them. Over the years, Burgess Pet Care has tried to raise awareness about nutrition, healthcare, and daily care to ensure that the bunny population of the U.K. can be better cared for.

History of Rabbit Week

There are currently over 300 breeds of rabbits on the planet — all of them have descended from the European rabbit. Recent evidence has found that the earliest rabbits originated in Spain and France. Historians assume that early humans in those regions hunted rabbits for food. Still, the first-ever written record of rabbits comes from ancient Rome, when people kept them in cabinets and enclosures.

The practice of keeping rabbits as pets date back to Victorian England, as evidenced by the selective breeding of rabbits — for variations including size, shape, color, and hair length and texture. Other pieces of evidence were rabbit shows and The British Rabbit Council (B.R.C.) during the 1920s. The former, notably, led to an increase in the popularity of rabbits as pets. Due to selective breeding in the past and the resulting impact on the health of the rabbit population, the B.R.C. encourages research to better understand the diseases that affect rabbits, as well as solid welfare and husbandry.

Today, rabbits are the third most popular pet after cats and dogs. Unfortunately, due to the lack of awareness about how to properly care for pet rabbits, they are sometimes abandoned by their owners. Their owners often don’t spend enough time with their rabbits, misunderstand their needs, and misconstrue them like toys instead of living beings.

Rabbit Week timeline

4,000 years ago
The European Rabbit

The first evidence of the European rabbit is found in Spain.

200 B.C.
Roman Records

The Romans begin writing about rabbits.

19th Century
Pet Rabbits

The British begin keeping rabbits as pets.

The Week is Born

The first Rabbit Awareness Week takes place.

Rabbit Week FAQs

Do rabbits like to cuddle?

Yes, most of them love to be cuddled and stroked when approached in the right way.

Do rabbits bite?

They usually do not bite, but if one does, for grabbing or surprising him, it doesn’t mean he hates you.

Do bunnies have periods?

No, rabbits don’t menstruate, they’re ‘induced ovulators.’ This means that they can get pregnant at any time.

How to Observe Rabbit Week

  1. Read about rabbit care

    Are you a rabbit owner? Brush up on how to properly care for your pet.

  2. Attend a webinar

    Burgess Pet Care organizes several webinars about pet care. Attend one and discover valuable insights.

  3. Talk about it on social media

    The point of Rabbit Awareness Week is to spread awareness. Help the cause by talking about it on social media.

5 Interesting Facts About Rabbits

  1. Female rabbits

    A female rabbit is called a ‘doe.’

  2. Male rabbits

    A male rabbit is called a ‘buck.’

  3. Life span

    Rabbits have an average life span of five to 10 years.

  4. Carrots

    Unlike depictions in pop culture, carrots aren’t a part of a rabbit’s diet.

  5. Baby rabbits

    Baby rabbits are called ‘kittens.’

Why Rabbit Week is Important

  1. It talks about rabbit care

    Rabbit Awareness Week aims to raise awareness about proper care for rabbits. Considering how misunderstood rabbits are, it’s quite an important mission.

  2. It’s a reminder for pet-owners to update their knowledge

    Rabbit Awareness Week is a reminder for pet owners to update their knowledge about pet care. Nothing is more important.

  3. It calls for a change in convention

    Rabbit Awareness Week is a good reminder that commonly held beliefs are not necessarily correct. It’s a good cue to reassess if the prevailing norm is what is right.

Rabbit Week dates

2022June 27Monday
2023June 26Monday
2024June 24Monday
2025June 30Monday
2026June 29Monday

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