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Westminster Dog Show – May 6-9, 2024

Westminster Dog Show will be held from May 6 to 9 this year. Every year, the New York City-based Westminster Kennel Club hosts the world’s premier dog show, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. It is the second-oldest continuously held sporting event in the U.S., after the Kentucky Derby. Identified as the U.S. oldest dog sport organization, the Westminster Kennel Club, was founded in 1877. In addition to being the second-longest-running sports event in the U.S., the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is also the longest, continually broadcast, live dog show in the country, having been on television since 1948.

History of Westminster Dog Show

The Westminster Kennel Club, which was founded in 1877, is the oldest dog-sports organization in the U.S. The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the nation’s second-longest-running athletic event and the longest, continuously broadcast, live dog show on television, is held there every year.

During a meeting, the group decided to have a dog show so that they could compare their dogs in a setting other than the field where they were competing. Taking place in Gilmore’s Garden (the precursor of Madison Square Garden) in New York City, the first-ever New York Bench Show of Dogs, sponsored by the Westminster Kennel Club, attracted a total of 1,201 dogs for its inaugural show in 1877.

With almost 3,000 dogs from the U.S. and throughout the world competing in Westminster Week’s annual dog show, the Masters’ Agility and Obedience Championships, and the Masters’ Obedience Championship, the event is a must-attend for dog lovers. With its informative benched style, America’s Dog Show has been enthralling canine fans for more than a century in New York City. It is the goal of the club to improve the quality of life for all dogs by promoting responsible dog ownership and the preservation of breeds. The Westminster Kennel Club’s position as the icon of the purebred dog developed as the dog show grew each year, with its influence evident in show rings all over and ultimately in millions of television sets throughout the U.S.

Westminster Dog Show timeline

The American Kennel Club

The American Kennel Club who are a national governing organization that will oversee dog registrations and dog shows across the country.

The Best in Show Award

For the first time, Westminster's most coveted prize, Best in Show, is awarded.

The Profits Contributed to War Efforts

The American Red Cross benefits from the show's proceeds, which contribute to the war effort.

The Television Coverage

Television coverage of the show happens for the first time and is nationally broadcast.

Westminster Dog Show FAQs

What are the requirements for judging?

The primary considerations are the dog’s general appearance, temperament, and structure. The judges are searching for traits that allow the dog to execute the role for which the breed was bred.

How much do you make at dog shows?

Most shows have no prize money but fame and additional avenues for financial reward do await the grand prize winner.

What prize does the Best in Show dog receive at the competition?

There is a $50,000 prize.

Westminster Dog Show Activities

  1. Watch past shows

    Past shows are rebroadcast for people to watch. If you’ve missed any of the previous years or you want to start watching the shows, it is a great way to get started.

  2. Watch the show

    As a fan of the show, you can watch the show and see whether a past winner will take the award home or which new winners will emerge. If you’re a new viewer, you can see the amazing world of one of the oldest and largest dog shows.

  3. Register your dog

    You can enter your dog into the competition. You can never tell whether your dog will win the Best in Show award at the competition.

5 Facts About Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

  1. The glamourous award

    The ‘Best in Show award’ is considered the highest award in dog competitions in the U.S.

  2. It is only for purebred dogs

    The show is a confirmation competition for purebred dogs.

  3. It is a benched dog show

    At the W.K.C., when a dog is not competing in the ring, it must remain in its designated space (a bench) offstage.

  4. The best of breeds category

    A Best of Breed is a dog that is judged to best represent its breed and advances to compete against other Best of Breeds in its judging group.

  5. Seven judging groups

    Based on the purpose for which the breed was developed, seven judging groups have been created to represent the various roles the dog can perform.

Why We Love Westminster Dog Show

  1. It’s a popular form of entertainment

    People around the world appreciate dog shows as a kind of entertainment for their canine friends. Every year, people flock to dog shows to see which of their favorite breeds will walk across the ring and, hopefully, take home the trophy.

  2. It is all about dogs, dogs, dogs

    For dog lovers, this show shows their beloved four-legged friends across different breeds. It is a great feeling to get to watch them with excitement.

  3. It promotes awareness

    Dog shows typically show so many different breeds and may shine the light on other not-so-popular ones. Show watchers can generate excitement about new dog breeds they have not seen that have won the show. They also help in preserving historical breeds.

Westminster Dog Show dates

2024May 6Monday
2025May 6Tuesday
2026May 6Wednesday
2027May 6Thursday
2028May 6Saturday

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