National Meow Like a Pirate Day – September 19, 2020

Sat Sep 19

We’ve all fallen in love with Talk Like a Pirate Day —and why wouldn’t you? It’s a time to bark like an old salt, drink rum from the bottle, and throw manners out the window. So now the question to ask, apparently, is simple. Why can’t cats get in on the action too? Thanks to National Meow Like a Pirate Day  every September 19, felines now have an amazing arh-portunity to set sail and get their sea paws going. While meowing like a pirate may not make the most sense at first, there is some historical precedent for the relationship.

 Cats, long seen as mysterious creatures of either good or bad luck, often rode along with pirates on the high seas. The sailors saw them as good luck charms who could keep away bad spirits (and of course, rats). So it only makes sense to have a day to celebrate both the power of cats and the swashbuckling style of pirates all at once.

National Meow Like a Pirate Day timeline



Cats take over the internet, and piracy is no longer romantic.

Late 1800s


Domesticated cats, which have spread around the world, are selectively bred for traits. Piracy is in decline.

Late 1500s

Herding cats

Cats have spread around the world as boats dock, crash and settle in new locations.


Here, kitty!

Sailors begin bringing cats on boats to help control the rodent population.

National Meow Like a Pirate Day Activities

  1. Play Cat Dress Up

    On September 19, you get a full pass to dress your cat up like Jack Sparrow and post it to social media for all your friends to see. Get creative with homemade hook hands, eyepatches, peg legs (of course keep your cat’s safety the top priority) and have a quick photo shoot.

  2. Throw a party with a unique theme

    It’s not often you get to throw a party with a theme as unique as today’s celebration. Bring out the grogg, don’t forget the treats for the feline friends and spend your evening grunting and growling and cursing the landlubbers — all in a cat-like tone, of course.

  3. Adopt a cat

    The real treasure of the day is to raise awareness about pet and cat overpopulation. So while the pirates of lore may not have been as keen on giving a cat a nice, warm, dry home, you certainly can. Look into your local shelters to learn more.

Why We Love National Meow Like a Pirate Day

  1. It’s a beautiful combination

    Pirates have been the stuff of legend — and party themes — for centuries. Cats are synonymous with the rise of the internet and social media. Put these two together and you’ve got a day that’s highly meme-worthy and ripe for a good party!

  2. It raises awareness

    If Facebook is any indicator, there are a startling number of people who have taken up meowing like a pirate once a year. The holiday’s official Facebook page has almost 150,000 likes, which translates into a lot of eyeballs learning about the importance of adopting cats around the world. It may be silly, but it’s also extremely effective.

  3. We get a break from the world

    Sometimes, we all need a slathering of silly in our lives. Whether it’s work getting us down or anything else that’s causing stress, there’s a pretty simple remedy. Stand up and meow like a pirate. We dare you to try this without laughing, or at the very least cracking a pleased smile.

National Meow Like a Pirate Day dates
2020September 19Saturday
2021September 19Sunday
2022September 19Monday
2023September 19Tuesday
2024September 19Thursday