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ThuSep 19

National Cat DNA Day – September 19, 2024

National Cat DNA Day is celebrated on September 19 every year. It’s a holiday dedicated to one of the world’s oldest pets — cats. Basepaws created this unique day to raise awareness about the benefits of feline genetics and to honor the advancement of this branch of knowledge.

History of National Cat DNA Day

National Cat DNA Day was established on September 19, 2020, to raise awareness of the benefits of cat genetics and to commemorate the field’s accomplishments. Basepaws is a feline genetics pioneer, helping to uncover potential health hazards in cats and determining what makes each cat unique! Feline genetics has taken a back seat to canine and human genetics due to a lack of research and funding.

Cat domestication can be traced back over 12,000 years. This was predominant in Middle Eastern regions such as Lebanon, Iraq, and Israel. However, it should come as no surprise that domesticating cats was not an easy task. They don’t have that haughty attitude for no reason. Several studies suggest that these furry pals lived alongside humans for thousands of years before being kept as pets. It must have taken some convincing to get them to relinquish a few of their independent ways.

Claudio Ottoni, an Italian scholar, also conducted a study that revealed that sailors brought cats along on voyages to deter rats from pillaging food storage. This tactic helped introduce cats to different locations around the world.

There is no doubt that cats are a vital part of the lives of their humans. This observance aims to shed light on an otherwise ignored issue, creating awareness for feline genetic studies. Mark National Cat DNA Day by finding out more about your eccentric pal.

National Cat DNA Day timeline

4000 B.C.
Egyptians Become Obsessed with Cats

Egyptians create statues and drawings as cats attain sacred status in their culture.

500 B.C.
The Chinese Emperor Makes a Friend

The first cat is presented to China's Emperor and rapidly becomes a popular pet among the wealthy.

100 A.D.
Cats Take a Long Vacation

Egyptian traders introduce cats to Europeans who use them for pest control.

Cats Become the Favorites

Cats surpass dogs as the world's favorite and there are estimated to be close to 500,000,000 domestic cats around the globe today.

National Cat DNA Day FAQs

Is cat D.N.A. unique?

Your cat will probably share up to 99% of the same D.N.A. sequence as other cats but the minor differences matter a lot. These differentials occur via natural mutations and form gene variants.

Are cats smarter than dogs?

Golden retrievers and mixed breed dogs have over 623 million and 429 million neurons respectively in their cerebral cortexes compared to 250 million for cats.

Do cats fart?

Cats fart. Like many animals, they have gas in their digestive tracts which exits the body through the rectum. It is usually passed quietly and doesn’t have much of an odor.

National Cat DNA Day Activities

  1. Test your cat’s D.N.A.

    Find out your cat's D.N.A. It can provide important information about your pet that you never knew.

  2. Learn more about cat breeds

    Cats are magical creatures with tons of interesting qualities. Find out what makes each cat breed special.

  3. Donate to local shelters

    You can still commemorate the day by making a difference in the lives of local shelter cats. Donate food, blankets, or toys to your local animal shelter or another animal care organization.

5 Fun Facts About Cats That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Sugar-free

    Cats are thought to be the only mammals who cannot sense sweetness.

  2. Bio night vision

    Although cats are nearsighted, their peripheral vision and night vision are far superior to that of humans.

  3. Reverse clawed

    Cats' claws are curled downward, so they can't climb down trees head-on and must instead back down the trunk.

  4. Ancient beasty

    The Maine Coon is one of America's oldest cat breeds, yet it rarely meows.

  5. Drama queens

    Siamese cats will sometimes mimic a crying baby to get attention.

Why We Love National Cat DNA Day

  1. Know your pet better

    The main goal of National Cat DNA Day is to celebrate different cat breeds, and it is customary for people to try to promote awareness about the matter. You get to know your pet better when you test their D.N.A.

  2. Cats are simply the best

    Cats could adapt to any living environment, from a little one-bedroom apartment in the city to a large cottage in the countryside, in some way. They are such amazing pals.

  3. Smart monkeys

    Despite the fact that cats are largely non-verbal communicators, they will communicate with you if you speak to them. The more you converse with your cat, the more she will reply.

National Cat DNA Day dates

2024September 19Thursday
2025September 19Friday
2026September 19Saturday
2027September 19Sunday
2028September 19Tuesday

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