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WedNov 27

Turtle Adoption Day – November 27, 2024

Turtle Adoption Day is observed every November 27. This is a day of action for the protection of endangered reptiles, most especially the wellbeing of turtles. There are a few reasons turtles can be adopted. Turtles live for a very long time, and often people find them hard work. Some turtles are the innocent victims of divorce, death, owners relocating, etc. Having a turtle as a pet is a long-term commitment because they live for a long time. Their upkeep is also costly. So finding out as much as possible on Turtle Adoption Day, is important.

History of Turtle Adoption Day

Turtles are reptiles that are found all over the world. There is scarcely any country in the world that doesn’t serve as a habitat for turtles. Turtles are endangered species of animals often hunted by humans and suffer from a threatened habitat.

Some conservationists believe that turtles belong in the wild. However, turtles released into the wild without being prepared properly, can become a menace or cause sicknesses. They may grow massive and cause damage to the ecosystem. Moreover, their chance of survival in the wild is slim. Some people purchase them as baby turtles, treating them like mini turtles until they grow. Adopting rescued turtles as pets is a good way to prevent dangers that pose a crisis to this species.

Turtles can be found in almost all climates around the world, and have their habitat on every continent except Antarctica, known for its freezing climate. Most turtle species are found in South Asia and southeastern North America; while only five species can be found in Europe. Turtles spend most of their time in the water. Freshwater turtles live in ponds and lakes. They come to land to bask in the sun. Sea turtles spend most of their time in the ocean, coming ashore to lay eggs on the sand.

Turtle Adoption Day is known as a day for the protection of endangered reptiles, specifically, the turtles. This special day appears to have been brought to life by a woman named Christine Shaw, who put out an article on the website of Found Animals, campaigning for the support for the welfare of turtles on November 15, 2011. Turtle Adoption Day was first celebrated two days after the article was posted.

Turtle Adoption Day timeline

Turtle Farming

Turtle farming starts in the United States

Endangered Species Act

The passing of the Act makes it illegal to harvest endangered animals like turtles in the United States waters.

World Turtle Day

The founding of World Turtle Day aims to increase awareness about the endangered nature of the species and advocate for their care.

The Origin of Turtle Adoption Day

Turtle Adoption Day is created by Christine Shaw through a blog post on the website of Found Animals.

Turtle Adoption Day FAQs

Where can I adopt a pet turtle?

Sites like can be good for a start. You can post a flyer at your local pet store offering to adopt a turtle that’ no longer wanted. You can also contact a turtle rescue organization.

How do I give away my pet turtle?

There are internet sites that offer turtle adoption — just check them closely. Ask them for references. Another way you can try to give away your turtle is by posting on turtle forums. Sites like can be good too.

Which celebrity has adopted a turtle?

Vin Diesel is a huge turtle that loves eating. Vin has been adopted by Barry and Tom Bey-Leveld! Simone Biles rescued baby turtles on vacation.

How to Observe Turtle Adoption Day

  1. Adopt a turtle

    The best way to observe this day is to adopt a turtle. Before you adopt one, you must be prepared for it. Be ready to take adequate care of its overall maintenance; feeding and shelter. Remember that it can be quite costly

  2. Sponsor Turtle Adoption Day

    Another way to show compassion for these endangered species is to sponsor the day by donating to the cause. It is interesting to know that you can get to select the pet name of a turtle.

  3. Spread the word

    A good way to help the turtles is to spread the word via social media and conversations. You could even contact your local or national turtle rescue organization and help them to get some of their turtles adopted. You could use social media to make people aware of the adoptable turtles and help in this way.

5 Fun Facts About Turtles We Think You Should Know

  1. They lay many eggs

    Turtles lay around 20 to 200 eggs at a time.

  2. They don’t look after their young

    After creating a nest on land in the sand, turtles lay their eggs and leave without waiting to nurture their young.

  3. They have a beak and no teeth

    Like birds, turtles have only beaks, which they use to eat both flesh and plants.

  4. Most are omnivores

    Most turtles are omnivores, eating animals such as fish, insects, snails, snakes, worms, and other turtles, as well as grass and other green plants.

  5. They are different from tortoises

    Turtles are different from tortoises — while the former are adapted to live in the water, the latter spend most of their time on land.

Why Turtle Adoption Day is Important

  1. To keep protect and conserve them

    Turtles are an endangered species of animals. Their lives are endangered in the wild by hunters and climate change, hence the measures are taken for an early adoption program. Turtle Adoption Day brings hope to the turtles.

  2. To launch a turtle rescue fund

    The adoption of turtles is not always and completely the function of the governments. Conservationists must find possible means to carry out the adoption and conservation process. Turtle Adoption Day creates a platform for concerned citizens to donate towards the turtle rescue cause.

  3. To create awareness

    Turtle Adoption Day is a special time to create awareness about the condition of endangered animals, in this case, turtles. As an extension, the day brings to light the plight of other species and how to adequately care for them, and to prevent them from going to extinction.

Turtle Adoption Day dates

2024November 27Wednesday
2025November 27Thursday
2026November 27Friday
2027November 27Saturday
2028November 27Monday

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