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WedNov 27

National Bavarian Cream Pie Day – November 27, 2024

If you are a pie lover, then you will love what National Bavarian Cream Pie Day on November 27 is all about! The renowned dessert’s history is older than a lot of us, dating back to as far as the 19th century, and some may say even older. Though we might be unsure of this timeline, one thing is certain: we can thank the French for spicing up our lives with this delectable creamy dessert.

History of National Bavarian Cream Pie Day

There’s a rumbling in our tummies, and it’s all thanks to the delicious Bavarian cream. Also called crème bavaroise, this tasty dessert made its grand entrance in the early 19th century, and has been filling bellies ever since. 

A French celebrity chef called Marie-Antoine Carême is credited for perfecting Bavarian cream. He created the high art of French cooking and established many of the French cooking techniques still used today. The concept and creation of the cream itself are said to have been around since the 17th century when French chefs cooked for the House of Wittelsbach — a German royal family that ruled Bavaria from the 12th century until 1918. 

Bavarian cream is a custard made with heavy cream and whipping cream and coated with gelatin that enables the cream to set more firmly in molds. It allows a variety of flavors, numerous recipes, and is mostly used as a dessert alongside a fruit puree or a fruit sauce. 

Bavarian cream became popular after the 1900s when instant pudding and custard mixes helped advance the process of making these kinds of desserts. True Bavarian creams first appeared in the United States in Boston Cooking School cookbooks in 1884, and “The Fannie Farmer Cookbook” in 1896. With so many flavors and recipes to choose from, today is the best opportunity to enjoy the delicious creamy goodness that is the Bavarian cream pie.


National Bavarian Cream Pie Day timeline

The Cream is Born

The first recorded history of Bavarian cream is made when French chefs cook for the Wittelsbach princes.

Crème De La Crème

The art of making Bavarian cream is perfected by French chef Marie-Antione Carême and is named for Bavaria.

Bavarian Cream Takes America

True Bavarian creams first appear in the U.S. in Boston Cooking School cookbooks.

Bavarian Cream Gains Mass Popularity

The cream becomes popular with the rise of instant pudding and custard mixes.

National Bavarian Cream Pie Day FAQs

What is Bavarian cream filling made of?

Bavarian cream is a custard, which is a mixture of milk, eggs, and sugar, thickened with gelatin and lightened up with whipped cream.

Do you need to refrigerate Bavarian cream?

Because Bavarian cream contains dairy in the form of creme Anglaise and whipped cream, it must be kept chilled.

Where did Bavarian cream originate?

Although its origins are quite unclear, Bavarian cream is said to have originated in Bavaria, Germany, in the 17th century. It was made popular by the renowned French Chef Marie-Antione Carême in the 19th century.

National Bavarian Cream Pie Day Activities

  1. Whip up a recipe

    With so many flavors and recipes to choose from, you can sharpen your dessert-making skills by selecting a Bavarian cream recipe to try out. The internet has a wealth of information waiting for you to discover, so fasten your apron and get whipping!

  2. Visit a restaurant

    Today is the best time to step out with loved ones and visit a local restaurant that is known for its tasty desserts. We can’t all be home chefs, so if the kitchen isn’t for you, this serves as the next best option.

  3. Pick up a pie

    Not in the mood to cook or eat out? You can also pick up a freshly made Bavarian pie from a nearby bakery, or pick out any pie, and finish up the Bavarian cream by yourself. Whatever you do, make sure you have some creamy pie today and don’t forget to use #BavarianCreamPieDay on social media.

5 Finger-Licking Facts About Whipped Cream

  1. It’s really old

    Whipped cream has been around since the 16th century, and was first called “whipped cream” in 1673.

  2. It only whips at below 50℉

    Cream must be below 50℉ to whip properly.

  3. It used to be called milk snow

    In very old texts, it was referred to as “neige de lait” in French and “neve di latte” in Italian, which both translate to “milk snow”.

  4. You can whip it with a branch

    Up until the 19th century, recipes for whipped cream called for beating the cream with a willow branch in place of the modern whisk.

  5. There are imitations of it

    Imitations of whipped cream are often sold under the name “whipped topping”, which contains mixtures of partially hydrogenated oil, sweeteners, water, stabilizers, and emulsifiers.

Why We Love National Bavarian Cream Pie Day

  1. It is simply delicious

    What is not to love about a day dedicated to satisfying our sweet tooth? It is the perfect excuse to binge on delicious carbs, and satisfy our cravings.

  2. It never gets old

    There are so many ways to incorporate this tasty dessert into other pastry or dessert dishes. We love a dish that gives us an incredible range of fun recipes to try out.

  3. It has a wide flavor palette

    One of the many things to love about Bavarian cream is that it embraces a variety of flavors. Whether you’re infusing it with vanilla, chocolate, or banana, the creamy dessert always leaves us wanting more.

National Bavarian Cream Pie Day dates

2024November 27Wednesday
2025November 27Thursday
2026November 27Friday
2027November 27Saturday
2028November 27Monday

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