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Mindanao Week of Peace – November 28, 2024

It is Mindanao Week of Peace is celebrated from the last Thursday in November to the first Wednesday of December. This year it takes place from November 28 to November 28. It is a week-long celebration to recognize the dream of Mindanaoans to live in peace, unity, and harmony with each other regardless of status in life, religion, or culture. Mindanao is the second-largest island in the Philippines. It is in the southern region of the archipelago. The people of Mindanao are a peace-loving community and belong to different religions and cultures. The week aims to bring them all together for one purpose and promote a peaceful atmosphere throughout the community.

History of Mindanao Week of Peace

History is full of conflicts, fights, and sacrifices. There is hardly any country or civilization that has never tasted violence. Mindanao experienced her share of conflicts and bloodshed and entered history books 10,000 years ago. Mindanao island is part of an island group of the same name. As of the 2015 census, it has an estimated 25,700,000 residents. It is a mountainous island situated between four seas: namely, the Sulu Sea, the Philippine Sea, the Celebes Sea, and the Mindanao Sea. The region witnessed the spread of Austronesian people throughout the Philippines, the migration of Hindu and Buddhist influences, the emergence of Sultanates, and the development of Islam, Spanish colonization, and Christian settlements.

Thanks to its rich history Mindanao has become a pool of different religions and cultures. But every melting pot has a weakness, this is true for Mindanao as clashes between the communities were common, and peace was never a reality for them.

In 2001, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo started the annual celebration of Mindanao Peace Week. Proclamation order No. 127 issued by the former President recognized the common aspirations of Mindanaoans to live in peace, unity, and harmony with each other regardless of status in life, religion, or culture. Peace is never easy in a place that has great diversity, but the Peace Advocates Zamboanga (PAZ) and SALAM Foundation took this challenge by creating Muslim-Christian cooperation to support peace in households.

Mindanao Week of Peace timeline

8000 B.C.
First Human Activity

Archaeological findings on the island point to evidence of human activity.

1500 B.C.
The Great Migrations

The Austronesian people spread throughout the Philippines.

142 B.C.
The Second Jewish Commonwealth

This is a time of religious, cultural, and social development when Seleucids recognize Jewish autonomy.

The Week of Peace

A collaboration between Peace Advocates Zamboanga and the SALAM Foundation for a Week of Peace takes place.

Mindanao Week of Peace FAQs

Why is peace important in the world?

World peace is important because it can increase the happiness of people and decrease the importance of political borders and cultural differences. It can help people understand each other and create a better world.

Is peace possible in today’s world?

Yes, with proper use of resources plus careful planning and controlling propaganda, excellent resource planning, and electing wise leaders, peace is possible for us.

Where does peace come from?

Peace comes from a sense of completion without ill-will towards others. It comes with the acceptance of a situation and an understanding of others. Being free of persecution, loved by family and community, and having basic needs met can contribute to individual peace. When a country has a peace-loving population it gradually becomes a peaceful country.

How to Observe Mindanao Week of Peace

  1. Arrange a workshop

    Arrange a workshop to foster peace between various communities. Try to bring communities to this workshop, especially those at odds with each other.

  2. Organize art competitions

    Call in people from different backgrounds, cultures, and communities under one umbrella. Create a cultural art competition and award prizes to the top performers.

  3. Create a service group

    Nothing can foster peace better than joint activities where people can interact and coordinate. Create a service group to volunteer for social activities and let the magic work.

5 Facts About Peace That Everyone Should Understand

  1. The most peaceful century

    Most regions of the world are more peaceful than they have been for generations in this century.

  2. Peace seekers versus warmongers

    More people are looking for harmony compared to individuals seeking conflict.

  3. The law against war

    An International law made in 1945 prohibits nations from having aggressive wars.

  4. Peace and gender equality

    Some studies show more gender-equal societies are less likely to wage aggressive wars.

  5. Peace and economic development

    A general rule is that as societies become wealthier, they become less likely to experience civil war.

Why Mindanao Week of Peace is Important

  1. Peace is important

    Peace is something that we all love. Any activity or day to foster peace is a welcome sight, and we love to be part of such activities.

  2. It creates social gatherings

    Social gatherings can help people understand each other better and put aside their differences. Mindanao Peace Week creates an opportunity to create a better society.

  3. It creates new bonds

    Conflicts are fewer when there are strong bonds between people. This week can help people from different backgrounds put aside their differences and join hands for a greater purpose — peace.

Mindanao Week of Peace dates

2022November 24Thursday
2023November 30Thursday
2024November 28Thursday
2025November 27Thursday
2026November 26Thursday

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