National Holistic Pet Day – August 30, 2019

Fri Aug 30

Mind. Body. Spirit. Fetch. When you think of human health, one of these words is a bit out of place. When it comes to the well-being of our pets, however, any kind of movement is game — even fetch. On August 30, we’ll all have the chance to learn how to let our furry friends in on the secrets of a fulfilling life as we take part in National Holistic Pet Day. A holistic approach to well-being is nothing new for humans, but applying the lifestyle to household pets is still a growing trend. It starts with the basics of good nutrition, lots of physical exercise, and even mental stimulation. It’s true! Animals need to be mentally active and challenged or they risk listlessness and boredom. In fact, pets who feel they have no purpose are often the ones to act out. So this August 30, take some time to learn about caring for your pet with the same generosity you give your own mind, body, and spirit.

National Holistic Pet Day Activities

  1. Read up on holistic care

    If you aren’t familiar with holistic health care or haven’t experimented with it for yourself, it will surely be difficult to employ it on your pet. Take the day to read up on how it could change your own life, and you’ll be a much stronger steward for holistic pet care.

  2. Make a batch of homemade dog food

    Sometimes taking matters into your own hands is the best approach. By making your own dog food, you know exactly what’s going inside and nourishing your pet. However, be sure to research pet nutrition. Dogs, for example, make their own vitamin C, so no need to include ingredients high in this antioxidant.

  3. Take a walk somewhere new

    Imagine if you rarely left the confines of your home and office. You’d go a little stir crazy. Try heading to a new park, body of water, or field for them to experience foreign subtle scents and sounds. It will give your pet the stimulation it needs to develop a healthy mind and body.

Why We Love National Holistic Pet Day

  1. Preventative care is better care

    Holistic pet care places a large focus on preventative care. By working to keep diseases at bay, rather than treating them after onset, you can give your pet a long, healthy, happy life. This often requires finding a veterinarian who puts an emphasis on holistic, preventative methods.

  2. It saves time and money

    While there’s nothing in the world we wouldn’t do (nor any sum of many we wouldn’t spend) for our pets, taking a holistic approach means fewer trips to the vet for diseases down the road. That’s time you can use for the important things between you and your pet, like walks and lazy nights on the couch.

  3. It improves human health, too

    Pets often expose humans —particularly young kids —to the toxins they carry. If you wouldn’t be willing to use a pet shampoo or bug spray, why should it be okay for your pet? By eliminating these toxins from your pet,you eliminate your exposure to them as well.

National Holistic Pet Day dates
2019August 30Friday
2020August 30Sunday
2021August 30Monday
2022August 30Tuesday
2023August 30Wednesday