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Santa Rosa De Lima – August 30, 2024

We are celebrating Santa Rosa De Lima Day on August 30. People all around the world annually observe the day on the same date. It is a day to celebrate the life of St. Rose of Lima. St. Rose was the first saint from the American continent. Her life is a perfect example of devotion, piety, humility, and sacrifice. She was born in Peru and is considered the patron saint of Peru, South America, gardeners, embroiders, and florists.

History of Santa Rosa De Lima

Christianity is a religion that spreads the message of love, kindness, devotion, and duty. There aren’t that many people in history who have embodied these qualities, but St. Rose of Lima is one such person who had it all. Love is the message of God and kindness is his religion, yet people who commit to love and kindness are rare. Those who exhibit it have a special place beside God and some of them are even honored as saints. The Pope, after listening to the life story of a person, decides if they should be canonized as saints. There are more than 10,000 saints in the world, and history has failed to record some of their lives and names. But the patron saint of Peru is not one of them.

Isabel Flores de Oliva was born in Lima, the Viceroyalty of Peru. From a young age, she showed dedication and interest in spiritual life. She was born into a noble family and was known by the name Rosa. Her early life was filled with struggles and conflicts between her mother and her decision to choose a spiritual life. Her family wanted her to marry someone and start a family life, as was customary during the time.

St. Rose was a beautiful lady who did not have a shortage of suitors. When the pressure for marriage increased, she cut her hair short and blistered her face by applying chili to it. This helped her reduce the pressure from her family as well, and soon they yielded to her wish. She started living in a house erected in their garden and chose a simple lifestyle. She tended to those in need and always lived a pious life, tempted by nothing but the way of the Lord. She was canonized on April 12, 1671, and declared the patron saint of Peru, all of America, gardeners, embroiders, and florists.

Santa Rosa De Lima timeline

The Entry of the Catholic Church

The Catholic church and its religious values spread throughout Peru as a result of the Spanish conquests.

The Birth of St. Rose of Lima

Isabel Flores de Oliva, later known as St. Rose of Lima, is born in Lima, Peru.

The Death of St. Rose of Lima

Santa Rosa de Lima dies on August 24, 1617, and several miracles follow.

Begininng of Feast Day

St. Rose of Lima is canonized on April 12 and the feast day is to be on August 23.

Santa Rosa De Lima FAQs

What is Santa Rosa de Lima known for?

Santa Rosa de Lima is the patron saint of Latin America, the Philippines, and indigenous Americans. She is known for her extreme piety and severe asceticism.

Who was Santa Rosa de Lima?

Santa Rosa de Lima, from Peru, was the first person from the American continent to be canonized as a Catholic saint in 1597.

What is the Saint Rose of Lima symbol?

St. Rose of Lima is usually depicted with a crown of roses and a tiny image of the Cathedral of Lima in her hand.

How to Observe Santa Rosa De Lima

  1. Pray for world peace

    St. Rose of Lima dedicated her life to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Make sure you spend this day with a prayer for world peace. Do everything you can to help others on this day.

  2. Teach the life of St. Rose

    Even non-religious people can find the life of St. Rose interesting and inspiring. Tell people who do not know much about her more about her life.

  3. Take part in fasting

    St. Rose fasted for days and led a simple life away from all the luxuries. Spend a day fasting and get involved in tasks that will help others.

5 Humble Facts About St. Rose Of Lima That Everyone Should Know

  1. Secondary patron saint

    She is the secondary patron saint of the Philippines.

  2. Role model

    St. Catherine of Siena is the role model of St. Rose of Lima.

  3. A secret spiritual life

    She had to keep her spiritual life a secret for a while.

  4. Hardships to escape family life

    She rubbed chili on her face to make blisters and cut her hair short to avoid suitors.

  5. Career and family duties

    She sold flowers and laces and worked in her garden to help her family through a financial crisis.

Why Santa Rosa De Lima is Important

  1. A life dedicated to God

    St. Rose of Lima was a beautiful soul who dedicated her life to spirituality and positive values. Her life is an example for anyone who chooses the path to God.

  2. Simple life

    She led a simple life. There is much to learn from her life and her feast day can help the world do this.

  3. Beauty only matters from the inside

    St. Rose was said to be a beautiful woman once. Suitors tried their best to win her hand in marriage. But she decided that only inner beauty matters and blistered her face with chili.

Santa Rosa De Lima dates

2024August 30Friday
2025August 30Saturday
2026August 30Sunday
2027August 30Monday
2028August 30Wednesday

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