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Santa Rosa De Lima – August 30, 2024

Santa Rosa de Lima is a national holiday observed in Peru every August 30. It honors Saint Rose of Lima, born Isabel Flores de Oliva, on April 20, 1586. She devoted her life to serving the Church and aiding others. After her death on August 24, 1617, she was recognized as the first saint in the Americas and became the patron saint of Peru, particularly Lima, and the indigenous people of the Americas. Santa Rosa, named after her childhood nickname, is credited for numerous miracles and was canonized 54 years after her death.

History of Santa Rosa De Lima

On April 20, 1586, Isabel Flores de Oliva was born in Lima, Peru, to a Spanish father and mother of Indian descent. One of 13 children, De Oliva was called Rose because a servant allegedly saw her face turn into a rose. She did not have the resources to join a monastery, so she lived in a small cottage and earned by selling needlework and flowers. In addition, she cared for Lima’s sick and destitute by feeding and tending to them in her home. The Dominican Order recognized her efforts and invited her to join them for free. As she continued helping the locals, De Oliva kept up various forms of devotion, including limiting her consumption to bread and water and wearing a spiked crown around her waist underneath her clothes.

De Oliva constructed a facility where she could tend to the sick. According to legend, she healed ailing patients simply by displaying a picture of Jesus, which she called “Little Doctor,” and praying next to them. After a few days of her prayers, the sick miraculously recovered. Thus, more and more people started to believe in De Oliva and her miracles.

De Olivia passed away when she was 31. Because so many people wanted to pay their respects, her burial was postponed for two days. She was beatified in 1667 and became the first saint born in the Americas after her canonization on April 12, 1671. In 1729, her feast day, August 30, was added to the Roman Catholic calendar. Although she died on August 24, the date was already recognized as the feast of Saint Bartholomew the Apostle. Pope Paul VI later changed her feast day to August 23, but Peru and other Latin American nations still celebrate her on August 30.

Santa Rosa De Lima timeline

Saint Rose is Born

Isabel Flores de Oliva, nicknamed Rose, is born in Lima, Peru.

Saint Rose’s Beatification

Pope Clement IX beatifies Rose.

Her Feast Day

August 30 is added to the Roman Catholic calendar as her feast day.

Calendar Revision

Pope Paul VI moves Saint Rose’s feast day to August 23.

Santa Rosa De Lima FAQs

What is Santa Rosa de Lima known for?

Saint Rose of Lima, the patroness of Peru, is revered for her piety, stern austerity, and concern for the less fortunate.

How is Santa Rosa de Lima celebrated in Peru?

The saint’s remains are maintained at the Basilica and Convent of Santo Domingo. On her feast day, there is a religious procession from the Basilica to Lima’s Cathedral. Many devotees also visit the Church and Sanctuary of Saint Rose of Lima.

What is Saint Rose of Lima’s symbol?

Her symbols include a spiked crown of thorns and roses, a needle and thimble, an iron chain, and roses.

Santa Rosa De Lima Activities

  1. Explore Lima

    This Santa Rosa de Lima, make some time to visit the saint’s hometown. See where she grew up and cared for the sick.

  2. Join the procession

    Every year, Lima has a massive procession in her honor. Devotees walk from the Church and Convent of Santo Domingo to the cathedral. Honor Saint Rose and her life’s work by joining the march and praying to her.

  3. Visit the church

    Saint Rose’s remains are housed at the Basilica and Convent of Santo Domingo. Join other tourists and locals as they visit the church to ask for her blessings.

5 Fascinating Facts About Saint Rose

  1. Rose was her nickname

    Saint Rose received her nickname because of the lovely rose-colored cheeks she had as a child.

  2. She was multitalented

    Raised in a low-income home with numerous brothers, Saint Rose learned to sing, write poems, and sew from her mother.

  3. She had a religious calling

    As she grew older, she consistently expressed her desire to assist others and concentrated on her spiritual calling.

  4. She took a vow of virginity

    She vowed to remain a virgin despite her parents’ desire for her to marry.

  5. She hated male attention

    Despite her beauty, Saint Rose chopped off her hair and rubbed pepper over her face to make herself unattractive to men.

Why We Love Santa Rosa De Lima

  1. It’s about love

    Saint Rose of Lima embodied the essence of love. God’s message is one of love, and his religion is one of kindness, but it is uncommon to find individuals who sincerely practice these virtues. Santa Rosa de Lima reminds us to seek happiness and serve the needy with love.

  2. It promotes community service

    Saint Rose of Lima helped others at her own expense. This holiday encourages everyone to follow suit by volunteering in community facilities and caring for the sick.

  3. It encourages devotion

    This holiday exemplifies religious devotion. It also teaches abstinence from physical and sexual needs, as Saint Rose rejected sex and certain foods for her faith.

Santa Rosa De Lima dates

2024August 30Friday
2025August 30Saturday
2026August 30Sunday
2027August 30Monday
2028August 30Wednesday

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