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FriAug 30

Slinky Day – August 30, 2024

Slinky Day is observed on August 30 every year. It is a day set aside to honor a Toy Hall of Fame Superstar that appeared by chance but captured the imagination of children all around the country. Richard James, an American naval engineer, designed the Slinky toy in 1943 in Philadelphia, and it has been around for more than six decades. In the toy market, it was an instant hit, selling out in a matter of hours. Slinky Day honors the Slinky by allowing children to enjoy Slinky stunts, race with Slinkies, or simply untangle Slinkies as they knot, twist, and spiral!

History of Slinky Day

Richard James, a Navy mechanical engineer, stationed at the time, discovered the Slinky by knocking a spring off a shelf by accident and watched as it stepped in a series of arcs to a stack of books, a tabletop, and finally to the floor, where it recoiled and stood upright. Over the next year, James experimented with several sorts of steel wire until he discovered a spring that could walk.

The Jameses had trouble selling Slinky to toy stores, but they were granted permission to show the toy in November 1945. Slinky was a smash hit, with the first 400 units selling out in under 90 minutes. Slinky was first shown at the U.S. Toy Fair in 1946. In 1952, the Slinky Dog debuted. In the 1950s, new Slinky toys were introduced. Some of these include slinky Suzie and Slinky Crazy Eyes.

After his wife filed for divorce in 1960, Richard James quit the company. Betty James ran the company, juggled creditors, and relocated it to Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, in 1964. Betty James insisted on keeping the original Slinky affordable and a slinky cost between $1.89 and $2.69 in 1996. Poof Products, Inc. of Plymouth, Michigan, a manufacturer of foam sports balls, purchased James Industries in 1998. Poof-Slinky, Inc. was formed in 2003 when James Industries and Poof Products, Inc. amalgamated. Slinky has been used as a teaching tool, a portable radio antenna, and in NASA physics experiments, in addition to being a toy.

Slinky Day timeline

The First Store Display

The Jameses get permission to show the Slinky in November 1945.

The Very First Reveal

Slinky is first shown at the U.S. Toy Fair.

The Slinky Dog Debut

The Slinky Dog debuts alongside other Slinky toys such as the Slinky train Loco, the Slinky worm Suzie, and the Slinky Crazy Eyes.

James Industries is Purchased

Inc. of Plymouth, Michigan, a manufacturer of foam sports balls, purchases James Industries.

The Toy Hall of Fame

Slinky gets recognized in the National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester, New York.

Slinky Day FAQs

How much did Richard James make from the Slinky?

He sold more than 100 million Slinky units in the first two years making him an equivalent of $1 billion in revenue.

Are Slinkys still popular?

The toy’s popularity has persisted, resulting in sales of more than 300 million Slinkys.

What happened to Richard James?

He died of a heart attack in 1974 in Bolivia.

Slinky Day Activities

  1. Buy slinky for yourself

    Get yourself a slinky from your local toy store. Toy businesses are offering deals specifically for you! The classic toy and the Slinky dog are both available.

  2. Play with your slinky toy

    This is a fantastic time to dig out your slinky collection if you're a slinky collector. Have fun playing with your slinky toys today. Share images and allow the rest of the world to admire them as well.

  3. Watch a slinky-themed film

    If you can't resist buying a slinky toy, your best bet is to watch a film that features one. The film Toy Story is a good choice. Slinky Dog deserves special attention.

5 Facts About Slinkys

  1. It hit record sales

    Approximately 300 million Slinkys have been sold worldwide.

  2. Slinky postage stamp

    In 1999, Slinkys were featured on a U.S postage stamp.

  3. Historical marker

    In Clifton Heights, a historical marker was erected near the site of the first Slinky plant in 2019.

  4. Origin is unknown

    The exact date of the inaugural National Slinky Day is unknown.

  5. It shares a commemoration day

    National Toasted Marshmallow Day falls on the same day as National Slinky Day.

Why We Love Slinky Day

  1. It improves hand-eye coordination

    When a youngster grasps and learns to handle a toy, they are honing their motor skills and improving their hand-eye coordination. Toys assist kids in progressing through the various stages of physical development.

  2. Toys are generational

    Some toys, such as those featured in the National Toy Hall of Fame, are destined to become cultural icons for future generations. Slinkys, checkers, and Play-Doh are examples of toys that will last for centuries.

  3. Toys hold happy memories

    Toys are fun to play with, and they evoke wonderful childhood memories of having a good time while playing. Toys are associated with good memories, from learning to hula hoop from older siblings to car races.

Slinky Day dates

2024August 30Friday
2025August 30Saturday
2026August 30Sunday
2027August 30Monday
2028August 30Wednesday

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