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WedMay 8

School Nurse Day – May 8, 2024

School Nurse Day is observed on the Wednesday during National Nurses Week in May every year, and takes place on May 8 this year; it’s a day when we come together as a nation to honor the field of school nursing. This event honors the daily efforts of school nurses to ensure all students’ wellbeing, safety, and academic ability.

History of School Nurse Day

On October 1, 1902, the first school nurse, Linda Richards, was employed to prevent absenteeism by consulting with kids and families regarding healthcare requirements related to infectious diseases.

She led the adoption of evidence-based nursing practice across the city after a month of effective nursing operations in New York City schools. Since then, school nurses have continued to control infectious diseases, but their function has grown and become more diverse.

The health of a student is inextricably linked to their ability to learn. Unaddressed health care needs make it difficult for children to participate in the learning system. The school nurse helps students succeed by providing healthcare to all students in the school context through examination, treatment, and follow-up. The school nurse helps children with their physical, psychological, emotional, and social health requirements as well as their academic success.

According to the National Survey of Children with Special Healthcare Needs, 11.2 million children in the United States are at risk of developing persistent physical, cognitive, social, or emotional problems. These students may require school-based health assistance, which school nurses can provide.

National School Nurse Day has been observed since 1972 to honor school nurses. National School Nurse Day was created to raise awareness about the importance of school nurses in the educational setting.


School Nurse Day timeline

250 B.C.
The First Nursing School

The first nursing school opens for operations in India.

First American Nurse

Linda Richards becomes the first American to complete a nursing degree.

First School Nurse in Massachusetts

Annie McKay becomes Massachusetts’ first school nurse.

Late 1900s
Nursing Embraces Gender-Neutrality

Nursing officially becomes a gender-neutral profession.

School Nurse Day FAQs

Are school nurses registered nurses?

Registered nurses work as school nurses. You may be required to obtain both R.N. and teacher certifications. You can also get a Master’s Degree in Public Health, Counseling, or Education through an interdisciplinary program.

Is it difficult being a school nurse?

It takes a lot of effort. As a school nurse, you’ll be responsible for helping students with various healthcare issues, such as immunizations, obligatory health programs, and maintaining student health records. There will be a great deal of documentation, and each child’s records will need to be updated regularly.

Is it worthwhile to work as a school nurse?

As a school nurse, you’ll be assisting in the treatment of ill children and teenagers, and the job may be just as gratifying as any other nursing career. A career as a school nurse may be a good fit for you if you appreciate both nursing and educating about health.

How to Observe School Nurse Day

  1. Show your appreciation

    Give school nurses gifts to celebrate National School Nurse Day. You can have your kids write a thank you card to appreciate their help.

  2. Go the extra mile

    Why not lobby for the school nurse to get an Appreciation Certificate? Start a petition and get people to join the bandwagon.

  3. Encourage students to be health-conscious

    This will make the job of the school nurse much easier. Teach them to wash their hands and other valuable hygiene tips that will keep them out of trouble.

5 Important Facts About School Nurses

  1. The numbers game

    As per the National Association of School Nurses, between 61,232 and 73,697 RNs (Registered Nurses) work in U.S. elementary and secondary schools.

  2. White hat brigade

    According to a Gallup poll, nursing is the most ethical and honest profession in the United States.

  3. Male-only nursing schools

    At the time, the first known nursing school only allowed male students to attend.

  4. Baby whisperer

    Between 1745 and 1779, Lucretia Lester is said to have delivered 1,300 infants, only losing two.

  5. Room for more

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are 3,059,800 nursing positions in the United States.

Why School Nurse Day is Important

  1. They deliver results

    Students' health, academic progress, long-term success, and health are all aided by professional nursing practice.

  2. They provide care to all

    School nurses are put under a lot of strain. This is because they look after a large number of pupils with complicated physical and mental health issues, as well as students who are at risk for health problems.

  3. Policymakers and influencers

    More than just providing health care is what school nurses do. They are part of developing policies, strategies, and procedures for providing school health services at the individual, district, and state levels.

School Nurse Day dates

2022May 11Wednesday
2023May 10Wednesday
2024May 8Wednesday
2025May 7Wednesday
2026May 6Wednesday

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