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MonMay 6

National Tony Day – May 6, 2024

National Tony Day takes place on May 6 as an appreciation and celebration for all the Tonys throughout the world. Tony is a male name in its own right. In many countries, Tony, an English masculine given name, is a diminutive form of the name Anthony or Antony. In other countries such as Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Norway, and Sweden, the name Tony is a diminutive form of the female name Antonia. Some notable people and fictional characters share the name, including Tony Blair, Tony Hawk, Tony Soprano, Fat Tony, and Fast Tony.

History of National Tony Day

National Tony Day is celebrated on May 6, and the date was chosen after the birthdate of Tony Blair. Tony Blair is said to be the most famous person with the name Tony. Sir Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is the longest-serving prime minister of the Labour Party of the United Kingdom. Born in Edinburgh, Blair got involved in Labour politics and was elected Member of Parliament for Sedgefield in 1983. On December 31, 2021, there was an announcement that the Queen had appointed Blair a Knight Companion of the Order of the Garter (KG).

In many countries, Tony is a diminutive form of the name Anthony or Antony. The name Tony is also a shortened form of the female name Antonia in Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Norway, and Sweden. Anthony or Antonia itself is derived from the Latin name Antonius (an ancient Roman family name), and Antonius is derived from the ancient Greek name Anteon, son of Hercules. As a name in its own right, Tony means “priceless one.” Besides, the name Tony means ‘praiseworthy’ and ‘flourishing.’

The name Tony has a high ranking on the U.S. popularity charts. Since the U.S. government started tracking naming trends in 1880, the name Tony has remained on the American male naming charts. In 1955, Tony was among the top 100 favorite names, and in most of the 1960s, it was among the top 50 most commonly used boy names. Some notable people and fictional characters who share the name include Tony Hawk, the American professional skateboarder; Tony Iommi the British guitarist for Black Sabbath; the protagonist Tony Soprano; Fat Tony in “The Simpsons”; Fast Tony in “Ice Age: The Meltdown.”

National Tony Day timeline

Tony Blair is Born

On May 6, Blair is born in Edinburgh.

Iommi Renames the Band

In August, Iommi and the other members of the band Earth rename themselves Black Sabbath.

Fat Tony’s First Appearance

Anthony "Fat Tony" D'Amico first appears in the episode “Bart the Murderer” of “The Simpsons.”

Tony Hawk’s 900 Trick

On June 27, Hawk completes the first documented “900” skateboarding trick.

National Tony Day FAQs

Is Tony Italian?

Tony is one of the notable names in the Italian region of Tuscany.

What does Tony mean in slang?

It means ‘stylish’ or ‘luxurious.’

Is Tony a word in Scrabble?

Yes, ‘Tony’ is a valid Scrabble word.

National Tony Day Activities

  1. Let a Tony know

    If you have a friend or a lover named Tony, make sure he knows about National Tony Day. You may want to treat him to a drink or meal as an appreciation.

  2. Find other Tonys

    As a Tony, you may want to celebrate your special day with your fellow Tonys. Look up on your social media, and maybe you’ll find another Tony who’s also looking for his fellas.

  3. Watch a Tony

    If you are into T.V. series, you can simply watch a series or two with a Tony in it to celebrate National Tony Day. Whether it is “The Sopranos” or “The Simpsons,” you decide.

5 Notable People Named Tony

  1. Tony Hale

    Hale is an American actor and comedian known for his role as Buster Bluth in the Fox comedy series “Arrested Development.”

  2. Tony Atlas

    Atlas (birth name Anthony White) is an American powerlifter, bodybuilder, and professional wrestler, also known by his bodybuilding title ‘Mr. USA.’

  3. Tony Judt

    Judt was a British-American historian, essayist, and university professor specializing in European history, who was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1996.

  4. Tony Tan Keng Yam

    Tan was the seventh president of Singapore — the only living former president of Singapore.

  5. Tony Vlachos

    Vlachos is an American police officer best known for competing in the reality television competition series “Survivor.”

Why We Love National Tony Day

  1. It is a celebration

    National Tony Day is a day to appreciate the Tonys. It’s going to be fun to celebrate the day with all the people who have the same name.

  2. It is a way to connect

    This kind of day is one of the ways for people to connect, locally or globally. The name itself can be a conversation starter for those who wish to build relationships.

  3. It is a day to treat oneself

    Although it’s not a national holiday, National Tony Day is an opportunity for the Tonys to spend time focusing on Tony. The Tonys can treat themselves to nice things such as good drinks and food, good rest, and a nice massage.

National Tony Day dates

2024May 6Monday
2025May 6Tuesday
2026May 6Wednesday
2027May 6Thursday
2028May 6Saturday

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