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WedMay 7

Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day – May 7, 2025

Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day is chosen on the Wednesday of the first full week of May, which coincides with May 7 this year. It is observed during North American Occupational Safety and Health Week. It is a day to recognize the dedication and efforts of health and safety professionals who protect the people and work environment from damage and hazards. Industrial jobs are one obvious example where a dedicated occupational safety and health professional is needed. When we work with heavy machinery that can move at high speed, disaster is always a step away, and it’s always better safe than sorry. A safety failure is not something that will only affect a single individual, but the entire plant or the area where the factory is situated. Hence, a better generation of safety and health professionals are trained and ready for any situation that may arise. However, safety remains a collective responsibility. All employees are a part of the greater mission of health and safety.

History of Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day

The safety requirements for every job are as old as the job itself. But safety was never the primary concern back in the days. The industrial revolution, however, changed everything. Relatively speaking, safety is of higher importance these days as we are working with faster machines, deadly chemicals, and higher numbers.

President Richard Nixon signed the Occupational Safety and Health Act (O.S.H.A.) on December 29, 1970. It was an era where death tolls were on the rise due to occupational hazards, and there was a public demand for the bill. Both government and industry did their best to change the situation.

Through various laws, occupational safety and health professionals were developed. They became responsible for the safety of their co-workers and the work environment. These efforts were further crowned when the American Society of Safety Engineers’ Board of Directors approved the Day in 2006.

Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day timeline

The First Factory

Richard Arkwright starts the first organized factory.

Samuel Slater to America

Samuel Slater arrives in America and spearheads the American industrial revolution.


The U.S. passes O.S.H.A. to regulate and maintain health and safety standards.

O.S.H.A. Training Institute

O.S.H.A. establishes the O.S.H.A. Training Institute to train federal and state compliance officers and state consultation program staff.

Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day FAQs

How many occupational hazards are there?

There are four major types of occupational hazards: chemical, biological, environmental, and psychological.

What are the effects of occupational hazards?

Occupational hazards can have a major impact on the life of those involved. Trauma, depression, loss of dignity, low self-esteem, loss of trust from co-workers, absenteeism, injuries, disability, etc.

What are occupational health and safety workers workers’ responsibilities?

Occupational Health and Safety workers are responsible for eliminating or controlling workplace accidents by implementing organizational measures and safety standards.

How to Observe Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day

  1. Share guidelines

    No matter the occupation, safety first. Share occupational safety guidelines with your co-workers.

  2. Appreciate a safety worker

    Do you have someone working as a safety officer? Send a gift card appreciating his job and how much it means to others.

  3. Participate in a safety workshop

    Safety laws and practices are important. Participate in a workshop to make sure you follow them all.

5 Shocking Facts About Occupational Safety

  1. Fatality rate in the U.S.

    Workers in the U.S. have a fatality rate of 3.7 per 100,000 employees due to occupational hazards.

  2. Accidents in the U.S.

    Workers in the U.S. have occupation accidents at a rate of 122 per 10,000 workers.

  3. Lost office hours

    Employees took a total of 1,200,000 hours off due to occupation injuries.

  4. Global economy loss

    International Labour Office estimates a loss of $1.25 trillion in the global economy due to job-related accidents.

  5. Transportation accidents

    Transportation accidents have the highest death toll at more than 2,100.

Why Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day is Important

  1. It saves lives

    Safety guidelines can prevent losing any precious lives. We’re all about safety.

  2. It saves property

    Upgrading and following safety guidelines also prevent property damage. Read up on what safety guidelines you can follow to ensure the protection of your own property.

  3. it creates safer work environments

    Occupational safety and health workers need help to create safe working conditions in workplaces. If everyone comes to understand this heavy responsibility, a safer work environment will be born.

Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day dates

2022May 4Wednesday
2023May 10Wednesday
2024May 8Wednesday
2025May 7Wednesday
2026May 6Wednesday

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