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WedMay 7

Great American Grump Out – May 7, 2025

Celebrate the Great American Grump Out on the first Wednesday of May. This year, it takes place on May 7. What sounds like a day to be grumpy, is quite the opposite. By kicking the grumpy mood out the window (or the door, if yours is too big to fit through the window) you get to spend a day full of happy vibes. Are you out of your favorite breakfast cereal? Well, peanut butter is full of protein. Found a stain on the t-shirt you were planning to wear today? Let’s excuse the black t-shirt for a day. A long queue in front of the barista?
Strike a conversation with the person next to you, you could make a friend. Find the silver linings today because there always is one.

History of Great American Grump Out

Janice A. Hathy started the Great American Grump Out in 2002. Janice is the founder of Smile Mania. She is also a prolific writer and speaker on matters important to humankind — happiness.

Stress is the leading cause of health problems in America. It leads to cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, cancer, and many other physical and mental ailments. So, why did broody become the new cool, when it is bad for us? The sense of mystery adds to the allure of a character on a tv show or a movie but wearing a frown all the time in real life is not good for anyone — not for you, nor the people around you.

Hathy started this day after she was laid off from her sales job. Consecutively, her body started troubling her but it turned out to be nothing but old-fashioned stress. After realizing the effects of prolonged stress on the body, she vowed to live a joyful life and spread joy around her. This was how the ‘Great American Grump Out’ day was born. The day has brought joy to millions since then.

Janice chose the word ‘Grump Out’ because many people consider a ‘smile’ slightly ‘Pollyanna-ish.’ Also, it covers a broader range of activities. People can hop, jump, skip, or just take a deep breath. As long as it brings them joy, they are on the theme.

Great American Grump Out timeline

The Tale of Pollyanna

A classic children’s story about a young girl in a war-ravaged society with an irrepressible optimism is published.

That Feeling is Stress

The term ‘stress’ is first used in a medical setup by Hans Selye who observed the conditions of patients, who appeared sick and often worsened.

Stressing on Health

Lazarus, an influential psychologist, makes the early association between stress (arising from circumstances taxing the mind) causing physical and mental diseases.

A Reason to Smile

Janice A. Hathy gives us another reason to smile.

Great American Grump Out FAQs

What is a grumpy person like?

A grumpy person is someone who is ill-tempered and miserable.

How many times a day do you laugh?

On average, an adult laughs 17 times per day while a child laughs 300 times per day.

How long is the longest laugh?

Yes, there is a world record for this as well. Three hours and six minutes long, set by Belachew Girma from Ethiopia.

Great American Grump Out Activities

  1. Frown fine

    Implement the rule in your home, office, or school today that any frowns will need a payout. Did someone frown at this news? Time to pay up!

  2. Do things you love

    Bake, sing, or pack a lunch and spend the day in the open. Do what you love and what puts you in a state of joy today.

  3. Watch cute panda videos or stand-up specials

    Is there a comedy special on Netflix you have been waiting to watch for ages? Or, do you want an excuse to watch cute panda videos on YouTube all day long? Well, today is the day to go for it.

5 Interesting Facts About Mental Health And Grumpiness

  1. Who is the grumpiest of all?

    Squidward Tentacles from “SpongeBob SquarePants” is among the grumpiest characters on television, followed by Lois Wilkerson from “Malcolm in the Middle.”

  2. The happiest man alive

    Matthieu Ricard, a Tibetan Buddhist monk, is considered the happiest man alive.

  3. Recipe for a long life

    The list of ingredients is long but the key one we must prioritize is happiness.

  4. Let’s talk about mental health

    In 2019, N.I.M.H. reported that 7.9% of the American population had at least one major episode of depression.

  5. Depression

    Depression can be caused by many factors including genetic predisposition, stressful events such as illness, divorce, abuse, financial trouble, etc.

Why We Love Great American Grump Out

  1. Today, tomorrow, and everyday

    Every day can be a ‘Grump Out’ day. But, if that feels like too much effort, set a day of the week when you will make an effort to look only at the bright side.

  2. Laughter is the best medicine

    People have been known to heal terminal diseases such as cancer by staying in a state of gratitude, filling their days with an abundance of love and laughter, and omitting stress. See what you can do on this day to fill it with laughter and joy.

  3. What goes around, comes around

    There is plenty of text on the ‘law of attraction’ stating that the energy we emanate is what we bring into our lives. So, if you give out the energy of love, joy, and abundance then that’s what you are bound to receive.

Great American Grump Out dates

2022May 4Wednesday
2023May 3Wednesday
2024May 1Wednesday
2025May 7Wednesday
2026May 6Wednesday

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