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SatMay 24

National Caterers Appreciation Day – May 24, 2025

Created by Food Service Direct, National Caterers Appreciation Day on May 24 shines the spotlight on caterers who ensure that the food served on our special occasions is delicious, special, and unforgettable. Food can make or break an event, however, there is more to catering than just the taste of the food. Preparation, timely delivery, and, sometimes, even providing services at the event are all part of the service. It’s for this reason that Food Service Direct established National Caterers Appreciation Day — to not only appreciate caterers but also to support chefs by making supply procurements easy.

Food Service Direct is a unique online platform focused on food, where manufacturers and distributors are connected to caterers and consumers, providing them with the best in food supplies. Quality ingredients and food supplies are the last things entrepreneurs and caterers will need to worry about.

History of National Caterers Appreciation Day

Created by Food Service Direct in 2022, National Caterers Appreciation Day acknowledges the dedication of caterers to their craft and wants to help them take their businesses to the next level by providing access to high-quality ingredients and supplies online.

Catering has existed one way or another for centuries, but modern catering started in the United States in 1778 when an event in Philadelphia was catered by Caesar Cranshell. The rest, as they say, is history. Catering has since evolved into a business that requires commitment and promises to deliver the highest quality food and services.

From preparation to creation, delivery, and the final presentation of meals to clients, caterers work dedicatedly to make sure our events are a success. Much of the execution is dependent on readily available ingredients and supplies, with the guarantee that there will not be any delay in the procurement of supplies from distributors. This is where Food Service Direct comes in; they provide access to a catalog of thousands of food items for building a menu, relieving chefs of their worries about delivery and logistics.

Coordinating with the whole team to deliver catering orders is hard work. Appreciating everyone who works in the catering business definitely boosts morale and motivates the catering team. If you had an event where the food was great, the presentation was immaculate, and the service was timely, be sure to thank your catering team today.

National Caterers Appreciation Day timeline

4th Millennium B.C.
The Origins of Catering

Catering’s rich history dates back to ancient China.

Catering as We Know It

Modern catering begins in 1778 when an event in Philadelphia, U.S., is catered by Caesar Cranshell.

The “Originator of Catering”

Robert Bogle revolutionizes the catering industry by customizing catering, leading to the creation of independent catering businesses.

The Future of Catering

FoodServiceDirect Inc. is established.

National Caterers Appreciation Day FAQs

What are the advantages of catering?

Having a catered event will relieve the host or organizing committee of the task of preparing the menu, serving the meals, and cleaning up afterward.

Why is catering important?

One of the key aspects of any event is the food served; the right menu, at the right time, with the right ingredients. This is why investing in a good catering service is important.

What is the description of catering?

Catering is a part of the food industry that is responsible for arranging and providing food, beverages, and waiting services to various clients for their special events.

How To Celebrate National Caterers Appreciation Day

  1. Appreciate your local caterers

    If you have ever hosted a catered event or worked on or with a catering team, express your appreciation to them today. Whether it is giving them positive feedback or recommending them to others, even a little appreciation goes a long way.

  2. Check out Food Service Direct

    Caterers, this one’s for you! Take your catering service to the next level by shopping with Food Service Direct. With a hard-to-match variety of food, no minimum order quantity, and great deals, this is truly a service that appreciates your food supply needs.

  3. Start a food catering business

    An idea that many of us brainstorm but are never sure how to execute, today is the day to begin. Learn more about Food Service Direct and how they can help make your food venture dream a reality!

5 Facts About Catering Worth Knowing

  1. Their job is stressful

    With sky-high expectations placed on them and the weight of the event’s success resting on their shoulders, catering is one of the most stressful jobs in the industry today.

  2. Many have Type A personalities

    One mistake can make or break a catering order, which is why many caterers are found to have Type A personalities.

  3. The average catering order

    The average order caterers receive is for 100 to 250 people.

  4. Many have their own kitchens

    Today, an estimated 50% of caterers have their own kitchens.

  5. They love to serve

    Despite the high expectations and stressful hours, caterers love their job and are dedicated to serving.

Why We Love National Caterers Appreciation Day

  1. Caterers are great at what they do

    The conversation at the table is often about how great the food is. The meal forms part of the whole experience at any event, and a positive experience is achieved by the great chefs and caterers in the food industry.

  2. Caterers are in the spotlight for once

    Rarely do guests and event organizers see what goes on behind the scenes in a catering service. National Caterers Appreciation Day appreciates it all; not just the final results but the dedication and long hours that go into it.

  3. Making work easy for caterers

    Perhaps the best way to appreciate caterers is by making their work easy for them. Food Service Direct is here to cater to the caterers by eliminating the long and tedious ongoing process of arranging food ingredients and supplies.

National Caterers Appreciation Day dates

2025May 24Saturday
2026May 24Sunday
2027May 24Monday
2028May 24Wednesday
2029May 24Thursday

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