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SatOct 26

National Transgender Children Day – October 26, 2024

National Transgender Children Day, observed on October 26 every year, is a day to honor and acknowledge all transgender children who have long been ‘hiding in the closet’ and cannot, for whatever reason, ‘come out.’ It is a day to open your arms and welcome these children and let them feel included in the family and community. Transgender children are less likely to announce their gender status as compared to transgender adults. This is because their survival is mainly dependent on their parents’ reactions to their declaration. Hence, parents should strive to be more understanding to them from this day onward.

History of National Transgender Children Day

National Transgender Children Day was established by Jill Rubin Aul in 2019. If there was a search for a day to show how supportive and accepting parents are to their queer children, then National Transgender Children Day would be a conclusive answer.

A mother’s desire for trans children’s inclusion in society sparked this day. Aul is the parent of a transgender child. She discovered that not all children in the world identify as sons or daughters and that many more do not conform to the gender binary or are trans after noticing a day dedicated to celebrating sons and another for daughters. And so, she decided to create a day to honor transgender children, and National Transgender Children Day was born. Aul’s drive to create a day for trans children was so strong that when she was told it would cost $1,000 to do so, she immediately started a GoFundMe campaign — and fortunately for her, people responded. For Aul, National Transgender Children Day is “…simply a day to honor our gender-expansive children of all ages, so that they, too, are included.” She also revealed that the day’s date, October 26, was chosen because it was her transkid’s birthday.

Contrary to popular belief, which holds that trans children have only recently emerged, historian Julian Gill Peterson’s 2018 book “History of The Transgender Child,” made us aware that trans children have existed since the turn of the 20th century and have actively sought out medical care as well as inclusion in society.

National Transgender Children Day timeline

Seeking Help

Children with ambiguous sexes seek medical attention.

Altering Children's Sex

Transgender individuals begin to seek doctors to alter children's sex.

Gender Crisis

Scientists and doctors begin to question the established gender binary phenomenon.

Hormone Intake

Transgender children start taking hormones and changing their names to fit the sexes they want to be.

Olympics Participation

Transgender individuals are allowed to take part in the Olympic games.

National Transgender Children Day FAQs

What are the signs of a transgender child?

The conclusive signs of a transgender child are mostly when a child insists on doing things the way the other gender does or using things specially meant for use by the other gender.

What should I do if my son wants to be a girl?

Parents should counsel their children who have shown signs of interest in switching genders or seek the help of a gender therapist as early as possible.

What is a ‘THEY’ person?

In the gender-specific world, the pronoun ‘They’ is used for someone who doesn’t identify as either a male or female.

How to Observe National Transgender Children Day

  1. Accept your trans child

    There is no other way to observe this day than to be welcoming to your trans children. Support them and make them feel loved.

  2. Publicize your trans child

    If you have long accepted your transgender child, then today is a good day to let the whole world know what they identify as. Help them to ‘come out.’

  3. Advocate for equal rights for trans children

    You can use this day to campaign for more inclusive rights and privileges for all trans children across the country. Trans children will no longer face discrimination, bullying, or violence as a result of this.

5 Interesting Facts About The Lives Of Transgender People

  1. From children to adults

    All transgender adults began as transgender children.

  2. They have sexual orientations

    Transgender people can also choose to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or any other sexual orientation and are not necessarily attracted to one sex alone.

  3. A welcomed change

    Most trans people remain happy about their transition.

  4. They are prone to suicide

    More transgender people have once considered suicide than the general population.

  5. They shy away from public spaces

    The majority of trans students do not feel safe in school gyms or restrooms.

Why National Transgender Children Day is Important

  1. It facilitates inclusiveness

    National Transgender Children Day allows trans children to feel more accepted and welcomed in their communities. This helps more kids ‘come out.’

  2. It builds self-esteem

    Trans children benefit from their parents' moral support and advice, which helps them enhance their self-esteem and proudly disclose their gender status. It will be simpler for trans children to feel less afraid and anxious as a result of this.

  3. It fosters equality

    Accepting and supporting trans children goes a long way in ensuring they are accorded equal treatment and privileges as all other normal people. This is a pivotal path to development.

National Transgender Children Day dates

2024October 26Saturday
2025October 26Sunday
2026October 26Monday
2027October 26Tuesday
2028October 26Thursday

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