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Newport Wales Marathon – October 27, 2024

Newport Wales Marathon, held on the fourth Sunday in October, is one of Wales’ most anticipated races. This year, it falls on October 27. The race, which takes place on one of Europe’s flattest marathon tracks, has become a fixture of the Welsh running calendar, attracting thousands of participants each year. On a route that includes renowned landmarks such as the city’s Transporter Bridge and the breathtaking scenery of the Gwent Levels, complete with its marine fauna and attractive medieval villages. Over 70% of all finishers have claimed a personal best. So put on your running shoes, train, and tick off one of your goals, because we’re getting ready for the Newport Wales Marathon!

History of Newport Wales Marathon

The much-anticipated race has finally fulfilled the desire for a premier marathon distance mass participation event in Wales, thanks to the support of Associated British Ports, Newport City Council, and the Welsh Government.

The event’s title sponsor is the Associated British Ports, the operator of South Wales’ ports, including Newport Docks. Other sponsors include the Welsh Government, the U.K. Office for National Statistics, the University of South Wales, Newport City Council, and the city retail center Friars Walk. In 2018, the first race took place and saw nearly 10,000 runners take part in both the marathon (3,444 finishers) and the 10K edition, with the marathon finishing first (2,576 finishers).

Steve Brace, a Welsh Olympian, planned the course for the race. Its route includes world-famous monuments like the city’s Transporter Bridge and the breathtaking beauty of the Gwent Levels, which are home to coastal wildlife and attractive medieval towns. Christian Malcolm, Wales’ most successful sprinter, is also involved in pre-race activities and a warm-up session. The national marathon of Wales offers a fast and scenic route and takes place on one of the flattest racecourses in the United Kingdom. The route begins and ends on the vibrant riverside of Newport, Rhode Island, taking in historic monuments, coastal animals, attractive medieval towns, and a high-profile opportunity for locals and visitors alike to see Newport’s recently regenerated city center.

Newport Wales Marathon timeline

The First Organized Marathon

The first organized marathon race is held at the Olympics.

Games In London

The length of a marathon is increased from around 25 miles to 26.2 miles.

Women Allowed To Race

The Boston Marathon allows female competitors to take part in the race.

First Newport Wales Marathon Race

The first Newport Wales Marathon takes place.

Newport Wales Marathon FAQs

What is the age requirement to participate in the marathon?

Each runner must be at least 18 years old on the day of the race.

What happens if I fail to complete the race?

On the route, there will be various medical facilities. They will provide transportation back to the starting/finishing point if you are simply too exhausted.

What time does the marathon start?

The marathon begins at 09:00 A.M.

Newport Wales Marathon Activities

  1. Become a participant

    You can commemorate the Newport Wales Marathon by running in it. Although running a marathon can be intimidating, there are things you can do to prepare for it and challenge yourself to run a lot of miles.

  2. Watch the runners

    You can watch the runners if you are unable to run that day or do not feel up to it. On that day, there is a lot of expectation and excitement, and you get to be a part of it.

  3. Volunteer at an event

    A successful event is primarily reliant on the efforts of volunteers, and you will be part of a large group of people who will go above and beyond to make the race day memorable for both participants and spectators. The only requirements are reliability, flexibility, and a high level of energy. On race day, a wide range of positions are available.

5 Facts About Newport And The Marathon Of Wales

  1. A flat marathon course

    The Newport Wales Marathon route offers one of the flattest racecourses in the United Kingdom, ideal for beginners or fast runners.

  2. There is a high success rate

    Over 70% of the race's past finishers have done well on the flat course and scored a personal best, due largely to the course's flat terrain.

  3. The races start on a riverbank

    Races begin and end on the riverbank in the restored city center.

  4. The route includes amazing scenery

    The marathon’s route path includes renowned sites such as the city's Transporter Bridge and breathtaking landscapes such as the Gwent Levels.

  5. Newport is a multicultural city

    With a thriving industrial past and a diverse population, Newport is a forward-thinking, multi-cultural city.

Why We Love Newport Wales Marathon

  1. You’re running for a good cause

    Knowing you've made a difference in the lives of others only adds to the sense of accomplishment you'll feel when you cross the marathon finish line. You'll also be more motivated during training and the race itself.

  2. It has a training program

    If you are a first-time marathon runner and are unsure where to begin, the Newport Wales Marathon has a training program that will help you feel prepared for that day. You can also follow a nutrition plan and recipes.

  3. It is a challenge

    Running a marathon is a challenge that can be incredibly rewarding, even if you don't win. You may achieve your goals and feel fulfilled if you train, challenge your limitations, and eat healthier.

Newport Wales Marathon dates

2022October 23Sunday
2023October 22Sunday
2024October 27Sunday
2025October 26Sunday
2026October 25Sunday

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