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National And Global Youth Service Days – April 18-20, 2025

This year, National and Global Youth Service Day will be marked from April 18 to 20. It is an annual event observed on the second last weekend of April. The day usually starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. It is a day that originated in the U.S. and was known as National Youth Service Day. Presently more than 100 countries participate in the day, making it the largest annual celebration of young volunteers. The day is now known as Global Youth Service Day. Millions of young people from all over the world spend this day in service to their community and nation.

History of National And Global Youth Service Days

Young people are an asset to every nation. They decide the fate of the country in a few years. Modern countries understand this, and they all spend large sums of money to create better conditions and opportunities for their young people. Countries with a larger younger population have a better and brighter future.

But when did we understand this concept? Our history of caring for our young people is twisted and filled with violence. Until a few centuries ago, we used to send them to wars that they had nothing to do with. They died in their millions all over the world due to war, hunger, poverty, domestic abuse, mental illness, a lack of opportunities, and other factors. However, the situation for today’s youth is gradually improving. We are seeing young people at the top of society nowadays. They are at the top of businesses, arts, crafts, creativity, volunteering, peace missions, conservation efforts, etc. But this change did not happen in a day. It was painfully slow.

One of the most critical factors that contributed to the development of programs for young people is the realization that they are the leaders of tomorrow who will take us all into the future. The peace of modern society makes it possible for governments to invest more in our younger generation. The National Youth Service Day was an initiative to help develop the youngsters of our nation into responsible and capable adults. The model was so successful and effective that we have hundreds of countries hosting the events today. The day offers a learning opportunity to develop character, learn new skills, and observe capable and responsible individuals in action.

National And Global Youth Service Days timeline

The First National Youth Organization

The Juvenile Mission Society is the first National level youth organization in the U.S.

The Start of Boys’ Club

Alice Goodwin, Elizabeth Hammersley, and Mary Goodwin start the club for the poor youth.

The Beginning of Scout

The first experimental scout camp is held with 20 boys at Brownsea Island near Poole in Dorset, U.K.

The Start of Global Youth Service Day

Global Youth Service Day begins and becomes the largest service event in the world.

National And Global Youth Service Days FAQs

What is the meaning of youth service?

Youth service is a volunteer non-military service. It engages young people in organized activities to contribute to the well-being and prosperity of national and world communities.

What is global youth society?

The Global Youth Society is a platform for young minds to collaborate and work towards fostering relationships and learning from each other.

What are the five pillars of youth work?

The five pillars of youth work are empowerment, education, participation, inclusiveness, and expressiveness.

National And Global Youth Service Days Activities

  1. Join a youth organization

    Youth organizations exist for the well-being and upliftment of the youth. Join a youth organization in your area and be a part of its activities.

  2. Participate in the service day

    Service days are important activities that can help you learn valuable lessons in cooperation, coordination, and personal growth. Be a part of a service day event in your locality.

  3. Write about the importance of service

    Raise awareness about the importance of service. You can write on social platforms to extend your reach and attract interested candidates.

5 Facts About Challenges Faced By Youth

  1. Suicide among youth

    Suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth aged between 10 and 24.

  2. A depressive generation

    About 13.01% of youth between 12—17 years of age report suffering from at least one major depressive episode.

  3. Self-harming tendencies of the youth

    About 35.1% of tweens and 54.4% of teens were involved in self-harm or suicidal situation.

  4. Hold of drugs and alcohol

    More than 75% of the youth engage in conversations related to alcohol and drugs.

  5. Vaping habits

    The U.S. Surgeon General declared vaping a national youth epidemic.

Why We Love National And Global Youth Service Days

  1. It’s a day for service

    Service is an important aspect of humanity. We love to have a day dedicated to providing community service.

  2. It’s a learning day

    Events on this day are good for learning new skills. The sharing of activities and the spreading of skills is something amazing to watch.

  3. We get to learn new tricks and make new friends

    This is a day to meet new people and learn from them all. We love it when a day can help make new bonds and teach us something that we didn’t know.

National And Global Youth Service Days dates

2022April 22Friday
2023April 21Friday
2024April 19Friday
2025April 18Friday
2026April 17Friday

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