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Children's Day in Vanuatu – July 24, 2024

Children’s Day in Vanuatu is celebrated every year on July 24. It promotes the welfare and well-being of children and supports the fight against child abuse.

The holiday allows families to spend extra time together. They can attend parades, concerts, public speeches, sports events, and other celebratory activities.

History of Children's Day in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is an island country. It is located in the South Pacific Ocean. The islands began to be inhabited by people about 3,000 years ago. However, by the 19th century, France and the United Kingdom had shown interest in the islands. So, they decided to administer the islands jointly in 1906. Independent movements in Vanuatu started in the early 1970s, according to records. This was after the decolonization after World War II. Vanuatu gained independence on July 30, 1980.

Children’s Day was first celebrated in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. However, it is now celebrated in all provinces. During the holiday, emphasis is put on the value of children by families, government agencies, educational institutions, churches, and businesses. Each year, the theme of the holiday has been to stop violence against children. Many celebrations are held on the holiday, including concerts, sports events, dances, songs, speeches, and other competitions.

The holiday is a joyous celebration for children, and Vanuatu’s officials try their hardest to make it so. The country has a committee of adult and child members responsible for organizing various events and activities on the holiday. The children were chosen to be part of the committee to share their views.

Children spend some quality time with their parents during the holiday and have their voices heard. They also receive gifts from their parents. In addition, there is a shared lunch organized by parents and caretakers for the children to look forward to.

Children's Day in Vanuatu timeline

A New Prime Minister Rises

Edward Natapei becomes the new prime minister.

WHO Executive Is Elected

Myriam Abel accepts the role of a WHO executive.

Seats Are Reserved for Women

The government announces it will pass constitutional amendments to reserve parliament seats for women.

A President Dies

President Baldwin Lonsdale dies in office.

Children's Day in Vanuatu FAQs

Is Vanuatu an island?

Vanuatu is considered to be an archipelago of about 80 smaller islands. 65 of these islands are inhabited.

Is Vanuatu part of Melanesia?

The Republic of Vanuatu is the smallest country among the five independent countries in Melanesia.

Are the biggest islands in Vanuatu?

The three biggest islands of Vanuatu are known as Efate, Espíritu Santo, and Malakula.

Children's Day in Vanuatu Activities

  1. Learn about Vanuatu

    If you’ve never been exposed to Vanuatu's culture, this is your chance. Research the country, its culture, and traditions.

  2. Share the holiday

    You can share the fun holiday with people both online and in person. It will create awareness and help more children.

  3. Help a child

    Helping a child is a great way to participate in the holiday. So, assist a child who needs help today.

5 Interesting Facts About Vanuatu

  1. They were cannibals

    Until 1969, the people of Vanuatu were known as cannibals.

  2. Prince Philip is honored

    The Tanna Island tribe worships Prince Philip following a visit to Vanuatu by the Queen and Duke in 1974.

  3. They invented bungee jumping

    Bungee jumping was invented on Pentecost Island.

  4. People are happy

    Vanuatu is considered to be the fourth happiest country in the world.

  5. Diving is popular

    Diving is popular in Vanuatu because of President Coolidge.

Why We Love Children's Day in Vanuatu

  1. It is tradition

    The holiday is an integral part of the country’s tradition. Its effects have had a significant impact on the culture of Vanuatu.

  2. It helps children

    Children can reach out and receive support during the holiday. This support allows the children to get the care they need at the right time.

  3. It creates unity

    The holiday brings people together to celebrate and support children. This leads to a sense of unity.

Children's Day in Vanuatu dates

2024July 24Wednesday
2025July 24Thursday
2026July 24Friday
2027July 24Saturday
2028July 24Monday

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