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No Homework Day – March 6, 2025

No Homework Day, celebrated on March 6, is a holiday that seeks to give students a break from homework assignments. Homework refers to a set of tasks assigned to students by their teachers to be completed outside the classroom. Common homework could include any of a variety of required reading, mathematical exercises to be completed, information to be reviewed before a test, or other skills to be practiced, depending on the discretion of the teacher involved. The issue of how effective homework assignments are has been debated over the years. In a general sense, homework does not particularly improve the academic performance of students.

History of No Homework Day

No Homework Day was created by couple Thomas and Ruth Roy as a means to help students focus on activities other than homework. It is expected that on this day, parents give their children a break from homework and that teachers at school equally take a break from giving homework.

Research has shown that homework can lead to stress, thereby being counterproductive to the learning process. Homework eats up children’s free time for other activities necessary for development, and its importance in learning is rather obscure. Professors at Duke University have suggested that the 10-minute rule should apply to homework.

The No Homework Day isn’t about removing homework completely from the picture, but it is meant for everyone involved to take a step back and relax. It is about giving children a break. No Homework Day encourages students to take a break from homework for a day and focus on other rewarding activities like sleeping, reading a good novel, creating art, playing a sport, or any other such activity.

No Homework Day timeline

143 B.C.
First-ever High School is Created

The first-ever high school, Shishi High School, based in Chengdu, China, is established.

Horace Mann is Born

American politician Horace Mann, who played a major role in the development of the foundational academic curricular system in the U.S., is born.

Roberto Nevilis is Born

The Italian educator who is said to have “invented” homework, Roberto Nevilis, is born.

Thomas Roy is Born

American filmmaker and co-founder of the holiday, No Homework Day, Thomas Roy, is born.

No Homework Day FAQs

What is No Homework Day?

No Homework Day is an international holiday that was created to help students focus on activities other than homework.

When is No Homework Day?

No Homework Day is celebrated this year on March 6.

Who created No Homework Day?

No Homework Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of “”

No Homework Day Activities

  1. Skip homework

    The best way to celebrate No Homework Day is to skip homework altogether. Ideally, no one should be getting homework that day anyway, so it would be justified.

  2. Engage in a hobby

    In the absence of any homework, this is an opportunity to feed any of your hobbies, which could be anything from seeing a movie to playing a video game. Enjoy the day!

  3. Share the fun online

    No Homework Day is fun for everyone, so whatever hobby you decide to devote that free time to, let everyone know by sharing on social media with the #NoHomeworkDay hashtag! Start a conversation about it online!

5 Interesting Facts About Homework

  1. It helps with memory retention

    Taking home assignments based on work done in school tends to help students retain the knowledge of what has been taught.

  2. It provides hands-on experience

    Doing homework gives the student the opportunity of having practical experience on the subject.

  3. Homework could be stressful

    Having to deal with a load of homework every day or every other day, could increase stress levels in a student and cause a lack of interest in school work.

  4. Homework affects students’ social lives

    Homework usually gets in the way of students having an active social life, and if it gets too overwhelming, it could have negative effects on the students.

  5. Homework doesn’t guarantee hard work

    In the age of the internet, it is very easy for students to plagiarize homework and not necessarily put the required amount of time into learning the subject.

Why We Love No Homework Day

  1. It’s more time for fun

    No Homework Day means less academic work to deal with for the day and therefore more time to indulge in varying ideas of fun. We love fun!

  2. It’s good for balance

    No Homework Day is good for helping the students balance out their lives seeing as they get homework every other day. Balance is important in life.

  3. Parents can bond with children over something else

    On most days of the week, parents bond with their children over academic work. No Homework Day allows us to bond over something else, anything but homework.

No Homework Day dates

2025March 6Thursday
2026March 6Friday
2027March 6Saturday
2028March 6Monday
2029March 6Tuesday

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