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National Damien Day – March 6, 2025

National Damien Day is celebrated on March 6 every year to highlight and honor the Damiens around us. The name is inspired by the Greek word ‘Damianos’ and is one of the most widespread monikers across various cultures. Parents of almost all religions, creeds, and backgrounds consider the name for their offspring. Damiens around the world unite for a special celebration on National Damien Day.

History of National Damien Day

Lucky enough to have a Damien in your life? Well, it’s time to celebrate their name. National Damien Day is the prosperous celebration of the moniker and all its namesakes. The literal translation of Damien is ‘master’ and ‘overcome.’ A rather poetic meaning of the word is ‘to tame.’ Personality experts annotate qualities such as being creative, liberal, and tolerant.

Damien is one of the most famous names in Greek culture, and many versions of the name have been spurned across the rest of the world. Damon, Damian, Dymon, and Demonic are founded on the root word ‘Damianos.’ Numerous well-known scholars contend that the name derives from the Greek goddess Damia. The appellation quickly rose to popularity in English-speaking countries after the tales of the martyrdom of Saint Damian circulated amongst Christians of Europe. North and South America lapped up on the name after its popularization in the Elizabethan Age.

Damien was cast aside from the lexicon for decades after the premiere of “The Omen.” The franchise portrayed Damien Taylor, the antichrist in chilling light. In the 1978 list of the Most Popular Male Names in the U.S., usage fell off quickly after the movie’s success, landing it in position 161. The name is now considered neutral after fending off the ‘scary’ and ‘evil’ labels throughout the majority of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Still, Damien has failed to stick to the masses and is a rather unpopular name in the U.S.

National Damien Day timeline

200 A.D.
Bishops and Saints

Deruvian (Damian), travels to Britain as one of the messengers of the Pope.

300 A.D.
The Ultimate Sacrifice

Saint Damian is executed as per the orders of Roman Emperor Diocletianus.

The Omen Curse

Damien Taylor’s characterization in “The Omen” franchise earns plenty of sinister reputation and evil connotations towards the name.

The Current Census

Damian ranks 110th in the list of most popular names for boys in the U.S.

National Damien Day FAQs

Is Damien considered to be an evil name?

Damien has garnered an antagonistic reputation after the release of the movie “The Omen,” but it is a neutral name with no biblical connotation.

Is it spelled, Damian or Damien?

Damian is most commonly used by the Americans, as they fixate on the consonants, while the Europeans prefer Damien, with extra emphasis on the vowels.

How many Damians are there in the world?

In 2021 there were 3,275 baby boys named Damian.

National Damien Day Activities

  1. Congratulate a Damien in your life

    The day belongs to Damiens all around the world. Being one of the very few names that have takers in almost every continent worldwide, Damien is the premier example of the homogeneity of international cultures.

  2. Learn about Greek names

    Beautiful Greek names that are often used in the English-speaking world include Daphne, Penelope, Atlas, Theodore, and, of course, Damien. The fast dissemination of Greek mythology in the 11th and 12th centuries contributed to the rise in the popularity of Greek names. Spend an hour or two learning about the beautiful and extensive Greek nomenclature on National Damien Day.

  3. Imagine fancy nicknames for Damien

    Dammy, Dame, Damon — the options are endless. Damiens can appear to be calm, composed, and in total control of their feelings. They aren't usually prone to receiving compliments, but that shouldn't stop us from cherishing and adoring them.

5 Names That Sound Just Like Damien

  1. Damon

    Easy, quick, and very popular amongst people of all generations.

  2. Dayton

    It’s a beautiful two-syllable name with a religious undertone.

  3. Dorien

    We can never hear enough of Dorien, of course.

  4. Dane

    Royal and exuberant, Dane is a top choice for many parents.

  5. Duncan

    Everybody loves Duncan, a fun, 21st-century name with many nicknames.

Why We Love National Damien Day

  1. It honors the martyr saint

    The name ‘Damien’ came into notice across Europe after the sacrifice of Saint Damien, a skilled doctor hailing from Arabia who suffered martyrdom in the hands of Roman Emperor Diocletianus. In his brief years of practice in the fourth century, Damien, with his twin brother Cosmas provided free services to the town. On March 6, we honor Saint Damien and all his proud namesakes.

  2. It undoes the bad reputation

    The release of “The Omen” franchise has landed a worldwide negative reputation to the name Damien, the chief antagonist in the movie. It has taken years to shake off the evil connotation attached to the moniker, but we’re finally reeling past it. National Damien Day is a great opportunity to enter a world where Damiens are hardworking, truthful, and attractive men with a lot to offer.

  3. It celebrates Damiens across the world

    The name Damien is shared by people worldwide. With the sole exception of Asia, all other continents have a recorded history of the usage of the moniker, which is a testament to its popularity and historical relevance. We celebrate the day so Damiens worldwide can unite and form new connections.

National Damien Day dates

2025March 6Thursday
2026March 6Friday
2027March 6Saturday
2028March 6Monday
2029March 6Tuesday

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