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I Am a Mentor Day – January 7, 2025

I Am A Mentor Day is an annual celebration marked on January 7 in honor of the mentors who play a vital role in people’s lives. Mentoring as a concept has gained momentum in recent years. People have emerged specifically as mentors who specialize in training and inspiring the youth towards good careers and lifestyles. Among the good things that the 21st century has brought in, this concept of mentoring is something that was much needed. This year, the aim of I Am A Mentor Day is to encourage all those who have a hidden mentor in them to rise up and share their experiences.

History of I Am a Mentor Day

Mentors have co-existed in our society since ancient times. They have existed in the form of our parents, teachers, friends, or someone we feel comfortable around. Comfortable enough that we share our problems with them and expect them to guide us. They guide us, inspire us, and make us feel better and hopeful that things will eventually work out. Generally, parents are excluded from the list of people who can become mentors and that is mostly because it is their duty to guide their children, and they are always doing this already. A mentor, according to largely accepted standards, is someone outside the immediate family who listens to you. They then make you aware of your inner strengths and nurture you towards success.

History has countless examples of mentors who became famous. Aristotle is a prime example, he was the mentor of Alexander the Great. Steve Jobs was a mentor to many, Warren Buffett has been a phenomenal business mentor for businessmen and entrepreneurs. In Christian texts, David was a mentor to Solomon, the wisest person ever. In Islamic texts, we have the famous examples of Tabrez being a mentor to Rumi. All these notable people have played their part as mentors who raised pupils even better than them. As Master Yoda once said, “we are what they grow beyond”. It is a difficult concept to grasp at first, but the moment one begins to understand this, it goes deeper. A mentor is supposed to be the guiding hand in times of darkness or hopelessness. These people were hard to find, and those who found such mentors were definitely lucky. Today, when there are almost infinite possibilities and opportunities, there is a lot of confusion which causes sadness when young people do not know what to do. Recently, social scientists have also raised a big issue that there is a huge generation gap today. Teenagers who are about to graduate from high school or are in their final years often find themselves misunderstood. This misunderstanding leads them to make wrong decisions which can potentially ruin their future.

To bridge this gap, and help the young generation at an emotional level, where they feel welcomed, understood, appreciated, and secure is crucial. This is where the organization MENTOR came into existence in 1990 with the sole purpose of mentoring young people. With their vision and mission properly aligned, they introduced National Mentoring Month in 2002 which comprises many standalone one-day events; I Am a Mentor Day is one of them. This day encourages people to step ahead and use their experience and maturity to guide the immature and inexperienced.


I Am a Mentor Day timeline

Contemporary Research in this domain

Daniel Levinson (U.S.) leads research in this domain to study mentor-mentee relationships and their impacts.

Founding the MENTOR

MENTOR, a non-governmental organization, is founded by Geoffrey Boisi and Raymond Chambers.

Inaugural Celebrations

I Am a Mentor Day was celebrated for the first time this year as part of the National Mentoring Month.

20th Anniversary

Mentor Org. marked the 20th anniversary of I Am a Mentor Day this year with a grand opening for mentors and mentees.

I Am a Mentor Day FAQs

What is MLK Mentoring Day?

It’s a day to share in the inspirational words of Dr. M.L.K. Jr. and elevate the spirit of service through volunteerism. 

What is Thank Your Mentor Day?

January 29 is #ThankYourMentor Day. This is a day to show gratitude for your mentor by posting on social media using hashtags #ThankYourMentor, #MentoringAmplifies, and #MentoringMonth.

What is the Mentoring In Action campaign?

This campaign celebrates mentoring and the positive effect it can have on young lives. National partners work with local leaders to organize special events in their communities. These are supported by local media organizations and public officials.


How to Observe I Am a Mentor Day

  1. Sign up for a mentor program

    You can sign up to mentor a young person in need of guidance. If you require mentorship yourself, there are different mentor programs all over the U.S. Just sign up and benefit from whatever you get or give.

  2. Be a mentor to someone

    Remember, not everyone has what it takes to become a mentor. If you feel you can be a mentor, for even just a day to someone, for anything don’t hesitate to guide them with your knowledge and experience.

  3. Share mentoring stories has a lot of stories to tell, and they are always willing to share the experiences of people working with them for inspirational purposes. You can always arrange a seminar or webinar and engage those people to come and share their stories.

5 Facts About I Am A Mentor Day Everyone Should Know

  1. 89% of mentees become mentors

    Around 89% of all the mentees go on to mentor others who are trapped in their situations and require some guidance.

  2. Fortune 500 companies strongly believe in mentorship

    71% of all the Fortune 500 companies strongly believe in mentorship programs and many have enacted their own mentoring departments that provide such services.

  3. Boosts confidence

    Psychologists and sociologists have reported that a good relationship between a mentor and a mentee has always been a huge confidence booster for both.

  4. The 3 As of a Mentor

    The 3 As are attributes associated with a mentor; they are ‘available,’ ‘analytical,’ and ‘active listener.’

  5. Happiness is almost assured

    Having a mentor brings contentment and happiness into the life of the mentee.

Why I Am a Mentor Day is Important

  1. Everyone needs a mentor

    Admit it or not, occasionally someone somewhere requires a mentor to guide them in a moment of crisis, or confusion, or difficulty. A mentor fulfills those needs and gives hope to the one in dire need of them.

  2. It sends a strong message

    Being there for someone and positively guiding them is a service. We require more people who play a positive role in making lives better for people. I Am a Mentor Day is a perfect opportunity to fill that gap and be like an elder brother, or like a fatherly figure to someone in desperate need of advice.

  3. The more, the merrier

    Mentoring carries a lot of significance. If the message reaches a good majority of people, many would want to sign up and start their mentoring program. In this regard, the more the number of mentors and mentees we have, the greater the impact will be.

I Am a Mentor Day dates

2025January 7Tuesday
2026January 7Wednesday
2027January 7Thursday
2028January 7Friday
2029January 7Sunday

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