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International Kids Yoga Day – April 8, 2025

On International Kids’ Yoga Day on April 8, children worldwide can enjoy yoga too. Yoga helps children take a break from their usual school routines, which can get quite hectic. It’s also an excellent way of letting them be a part of something bigger than themselves, which helps them stay grounded. Children in today’s technologically advanced society frequently experience excessive stimulation as they attempt to keep up with offline and online events. Yoga is an effective tool that calms the mind and body by focusing on the present. Also, diabetes and obesity are rising among children due to lack of exercise and poor diets. Yoga is an enjoyable kind of exercise that doesn’t require expensive equipment.

History of International Kids Yoga Day

Yoga is a group of mental, physical, and spiritual practices that originated in ancient India. These practices aim to control and calm the mind. There are numerous schools of yoga in Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. However, modern yoga that is practiced worldwide focuses not on spirituality but on posture-based physical fitness, stress relief, and relaxation.

International Kids’ Yoga Day was created in 2016 by bestselling author Teresa Ann Power to help children exercise their imagination by doing something fun and celebrating fitness. The first celebration of this day took place across 45 states in the U.S and 18 countries worldwide. Kids spent five minutes molding themselves into windmills, kites, flamingos, and other fun, child-friendly yoga poses. By 2022, the event had grown in popularity and spread to 33 countries around the globe.

As an internationally recognized expert on children’s yoga, Ms. Power encourages parents to practice yoga with their children. Children enjoy a stronger bond with their parents besides the fitness benefit. She observes that relationships between parents and children improve when they engage in pleasurable and healthy activities. Ms. Power’s other motivation is to make yoga accessible to kids no matter where they live, their financial situation, age, athletic abilities, and familiarity with yoga. She would like to see more children experience yoga because just five minutes a day of this exercise can positively impact their physical and mental state. More than 450,000 children, their parents, and teachers have enjoyed International Kids’ Yoga Day since its inception in 2016.

International Kids Yoga Day timeline

1200 B.C. — 900 B.C.
Earliest Yoga Reference

Yoga is stated in the Rigveda and referred to in many Upanishads.

1000 B.C. — 800 B.C.
Record of Meditative Practices

Techniques for controlling breath and energies are mentioned in the Brahmanas and Atharvaveda texts.

Mid-19th Century
Yoga Comes to the West

The educated Western public begin to adopt yoga and other aspects of Indian philosophy.

20th Century
The Fitness Realm Embraces Yoga

Yoga gains traction as a form of exercise.

International Kids Yoga Day FAQs

What is the title of Teresa Power's book on yoga for children?

Ms. Teresa Anne Power’s bestseller on children’s yoga is “The ABCs of Yoga for Kids.”

What is the best age to start yoga for kids?

Kids understand and follow instructions ideally by the age of four; this is the best time to start yoga for kids.

Does my child need yoga experience to participate?

No, the event is open to all kids regardless of their prior knowledge, location, age, or social status.

International Kids Yoga Day Activities

  1. Practice yoga with your kids

    Yoga is a fun way to have some quality time with your children. As the event takes only five minutes, even people with hectic schedules can participate.

  2. Buy some merchandise

    From teddy bears to t-shirts, beach towels, and buttons, the online Kids' Yoga Day store has loads of fantastic merchandise in honor of the day. These also make excellent presents for the kids.

  3. Make people aware

    Many people are unaware of the benefits of yoga to children. Use this day to spread the word so that more kids can have fun.

5 Interesting Facts About Yoga

  1. Yoga is a health tool

    Yoga helps manage many childhood health issues, including A.D.H.D., autism, and physical disabilities.

  2. Yoga helps beat stress

    Yoga helps reduce stress by regulating the nervous system and promotes relaxation.

  3. Yoga benefits the brain

    Research shows that yoga improves focus, memory, and academic performance.

  4. Yoga aids immunity

    Yoga increases the antibody levels in the human body, thus preventing attacks from bacteria and viruses.

  5. Yoga builds self-esteem

    Practicing yoga helps one to appreciate themselves physically and psychologically.

Why We Love International Kids Yoga Day

  1. Yoga is fun

    Children find yoga fun since the poses are simple for them. Together, parents and children can practice yoga, which amplifies the kids' enjoyment and allows you to build bonds with them.

  2. Yoga promotes good health

    Yoga aids in the prevention of diseases and other issues that youngsters and their families face, like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and stress. Your kids' emotional and physical health and fitness can improve with just five minutes of yoga daily.

  3. More people learn about yoga

    Even though yoga is an ancient practice, people lost touch with it due to demanding lifestyles. International Kids' Yoga Day brings to your attention the benefits of yoga for all, not just children.

International Kids Yoga Day dates

2025April 8Tuesday
2026April 8Wednesday
2027April 8Thursday
2028April 8Saturday
2029April 8Sunday

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