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Texas Sandfest – April 19-21, 2024

Texas SandFest is an American festival that takes place every year over a weekend in April. It takes place from April 19 to 21 this year. It is the biggest sand sculpting competition in the country. Sand sculptors from around the world come together to display their unique talents. It began in 1997 as a small local competition and has now become an internationally recognized three-day family event that brings people from around the world to Port Aransas. The festival hosts lots of fun events with live music, food, sand sculptures, kids’ activities, shopping for arts and crafts, and more. Some charities benefit from the event. Students can also get access to scholarships.

History of Texas Sandfest

Texas SandFest began in 1997 as a small local competition for sand sculptors to showcase their abilities and talent. It was organized by the Port Aransas Art Center, formerly the Art Center for the Islands. It was led by Sharon Schafer. The event is held every year in Port Aransas over a weekend in April. Port Aransas Community Theater (PACT) was formed and all Texas SandFest business was conducted under the umbrella of the theater. The event would be considered a fundraiser for the theater and PACT would receive the profits from the sand sculpting event every year.

The event has successfully brought thousands of people to visit the island. This has provided extra business opportunities for restaurants, shops, and local merchants. By 2006, a request was made to release the festival to stand alone as a nonprofit group. The new theater was built by PACT after several years of fundraising. The community was willing to donate more to the theater group. People were more responsive to an event that could spread profits to other non-profit groups in the community. Texas SandFest became a nonprofit organization when it filed and received its 501(c)3 nonprofit status. It began to work under a selected board of directors.

The festival has served the community and is attended by many people. People can take part in any of the activities that are held during the event. They also feel good knowing that several charities and people would benefit from the festival.

Texas Sandfest timeline

Texas SandFest Starts

The event is hosted as a small local competition for sand sculptors.

It Becomes Non-Profit

The festival requests the festival to become a nonprofit group.

The Tallest Sandcastle is Sculpted

Skulptura Projects’ 57' 11" tall sandcastle wins the Guinness World Record.

It Pulls a Crowd

The festival attracts more than 100,000 sandcastle enthusiasts.

Texas Sandfest FAQs

Is there black sand?

Santorini, Greece, has black sand. The sand is black because of the red and black volcanic lava rocks that make up their beaches.

Is sand protective?

Sands help protect our coasts from erosion. Sand protects the environment from hurricanes or other natural disasters.

Why does sand stick to the skin?

Sand sticks to the skin because it naturally holds on to water. Sand attached itself to the moisture found in your skin.

Texas Sandfest Activities

  1. Attend the event

    You can attend the three-day event in Port Aransas. You’ll experience the activities firsthand.

  2. Make a sandcastle

    If you are unable to fly to Port Aransas, you can always celebrate the occasion by visiting a local beach and building a sandcastle. Making sandcastles on the beach is usually a lot of fun. Play with the sand and discover how high you can build your castle.

  3. Make a donation

    The festival places a strong emphasis on charitable causes. Donating is a great way to show your support and help others.

5 Fun Facts About The Sand

  1. Sand is silica

    Sand is made of silica because it is composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2).

  2. It’s part of the Earth

    Sand makes up most of the Earth's crust.

  3. Sand has many colors

    The color of sand depends on what sorts of minerals make up the sand.

  4. Few animals live in sand

    Only a few animals can make sand their home because it is constantly changing and shifting.

  5. Salt is sand

    Any material such as salt or sugar which is made up of a certain size of grain will qualify as sand.

Why We Love Texas Sandfest

  1. It recognizes sculptors

    Sand sculptors from around the world can express their art during the festival. It brings recognition to their unique talents.

  2. It helps charities

    The festival supports a few charitable causes. People can benefit from the event and lead better lives.

  3. It leads to creativity

    The event helps to display art and encourages more people to explore their talents.

Texas Sandfest dates

2022April 8Friday
2023April 14Friday
2024April 19Friday
2025April 8Tuesday
2026April 8Wednesday

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